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  • Out of Stock Grub-Away® Grub Control Nematodes
    Grub-Away® Grub Control Nematodes
    $29.99 – $42.99
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  • Out of Stock Flea Defeater™ - Nematodes for Flea Control
    Flea Defeater - Nematodes for Flea Control
    $21.99 – $34.99
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  • Out of Stock Garden Army Multi-Purpose Nematodes
    Garden Army Multi-Purpose Nematodes
    $24.99 – $39.99
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Nematodes offer an environmentally friendly, non-chemical solution for pest control. These microscopic, beneficial predatory worms hunt down and kill insect pests such as grubs, fleas and many other soil-dwelling pests. While they go after pests, they pose no threat to people, pets or plants. They won't harm beneficial insects like bees and pollinators, either. Gardens Alive! offers several types of nematodes, including the popular Grub-Away® Grub Control Nematodes that target Japanese beetle grubs and other grubs. Most often, only one application of nematodes per year is needed. Nematodes are easy to apply and often work within a couple of days.

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