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    Cupboard Moth Traps
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Moth Traps

Moth Traps For Sale By Gardens Alive!

For more than 30 years, Gardens Alive! has offered safe, effective pest control solutions for home owners. Our experts have developed effective products to control pests without using harmful chemicals. Our moth traps offer a sensible, effective solution for controlling moths both in the home and outdoors.

What Are the Signs That You Have Moths?

In the home, moths are most often found in two places: the kitchen or in clothing closets.

Pantry moths, also known as Indian Meal Moths or flour moths, often infest dry goods such as flour, crackers, cereal and pasta. You may see the moths flying around or you may find a mass of fine webs in food boxes. The food may have an unpleasant odor or be clumped together.

Clothes moths feed on natural fabric fibers such as cotton, silk and wool. You may see the moths flying around or you may see their damage. They often leave holes in garments, upholstery and even carpet.

Outdoors, codling moths and Oriental fruit moths may be damaging your Liberty Apple Tree, Drippin' Honey Pear Tree or other fruit trees. A tell-tale sign of codling moths is tiny mounds of reddish-brown frass on the fruits. Because these moths produce multiple generations each year, moth control is ongoing throughout the growing season.

How to Get Rid of Moths

The first step in moth control is identifying the types of moths that you have. Next, buy the right moth traps. Here are some more tips for moth control.

  • For pantry moths, empty your pantry and throw out all damaged or infected food items. Clean the shelves with a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Set out pantry moth traps and check them every few days. Because they are placed near food, the best pantry moth traps are non-toxic and pesticide free.
  • For closet moths, periodically clean closets with a vacuum cleaner and wash the inside of the closets. Either dry clean clothes, wash clothes in water that is at least 120 degrees F. or hang clothes outside in sunlight. After returning the clothing to the closets, set out traps and check them periodically.
  • For fruit moths, set out traps in early spring at least 2 weeks before buds emerge. Use two traps per mature, full-size tree, and one for dwarf trees. Replace the lure after 8 weeks.

Types of Moth Traps

Moth traps use powerful pheromones to lure insects to the pre-coated sticky surface traps. Because the traps use pheromones that attract specific types of moths, it's important to buy the correct moth trap for the moths you want to trap. Many moth traps also have replacement lures that should be changed periodically (check labels for specific products).

Gardens Alive carries a wide selection of pest control products including several types of moth traps. When considering where to buy moth traps, also consider buying replacement lures at the same time. If unopened, most traps may be stored for up to two years.

Indoor Moth Trap

  • Cupboard Moth Traps or pantry moth traps are designed to lure Indian Meal Moths, Tobacco Moths, Almond Moths and Mediterranean Flour Moths with pheromones. These traps are non-toxic and pesticide free. Lures should be replaced every 12 weeks.
  • Sure-Catch Clothes Moth Trap is designed to attract clothes moths with a pheromone. The triangular-shaped trap is odorless and insecticide-free. The trap should be replaced every three months.

Outdoor Moth Trap

  • Apple Pest Trap targets codling moths and Oriental fruit moths that feed on apples, pears and other fruit crops. It lures insects with pheromones. The traps are made from waxed, heavy-duty cardboard and designed to last one season. Set out traps in the tree in early spring, at least two weeks before buds emerge. Replace the lures every eight weeks. Use two traps for mature standard trees and one trap for a dwarf tree.
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