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  • All-Ways Greener™  Grass Seed Mixture
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    Direct Gardening Association Award Winners.Green Thumb Award
Lawn Seed

The science behind our grass seed mixtures

In 1980, scientists at Rutgers University in NJ noticed that some patches of grass were healthy and green, while the rest of the lawn had succumbed to insect pests. They found that the healthy grass was host to an endophytic fungus. An endophyte is a plant that lives within another plant. This fungus lives within certain grass plant varieties and is transmitted through the grass seed. 1-5 weeks after the seeds germinate, the mycelium (vegetative filaments of the fungus) migrate to the lower part of the grass stem. Any insects that feed on the grass, including chinch bugs, aphids, sod webworms, cutworms, billbugs and certain weevils are then poisoned! Our exclusive lawn seed mixtures contain these beneficial endophytes. Scientists believe that endophytes produce alkaloids which affect the osmotic balance of the insect's stomach. Endophytes do not harm the host grass and do not disrupt the ecological balance of a healthy lawn. Besides being completely natural, our Turf Alive! ® Grass Seed Mixtures and All-Ways Greener™ Grass Seed Mix has so many advantages. With less care, less watering, less weeding and less fertilizing than other lawns need, there's absolutely no reason to look anywhere else! Additionally, All-Ways Greener™ Grass Seed Mix requires less mowing, creating the ultimate low-impact, low-maintenance lush and thick lawn!

Drought resistance

Roots reach down 2-4' and draw moisture from the subsoil long after shallow-rooted bluegrass has dried up and gone dormant. Turf Alive! ® Grass Seed Mixtures stay lush green with little watering even in the summer heat.

Pest resistance

Microorganisms called endophytes live inside Turf Alive! ® Grass Seed Mixtures, making the grass poisonous to sod webworms, cutworms, aphids and even chinch bugs!

Eliminates Thatch

Thatch buildup fosters disease and harbors insects. Since thatch only develops with the heavy use of synthetic fertilizers, there's no need to worry that thatch will occur in Turf Alive! ® Grass Seed Mixtures.

Chokes out weeds

The deep root systems in Turf Alive! ® Grass Seed Mixtures support thicker and more vigorous top growth than bluegrass and is far superior in crowding out weeds.

Stays out of flower beds

Root runners in Turf Alive! ® Grass Seed Mixtures won't spread like bluegrass, eliminating the need to trim grass away from gardens and flowerbeds.

Requires less nitrogen fertilizer

Save time and money! Turf Alive! ® Grass Seed Mixtures need only 50-66% of the nitrogen fertilizer that typical bluegrass lawns require.

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