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  • Mole-Relief™
    $14.99 – $39.99
  • Grub-Away® Nematodes
    Grub-Away® Nematodes
    $29.99 – $40.99
  • Garden Pest Bait
    Direct Gardening Association Award Winners.Green Thumb Award
    Garden Pest Bait
    $14.99 – $24.99
  • Bull's-Eye™ Outdoor Granular Ant Bait
    Direct Gardening Association Award Winners.Green Thumb Award
  • Plantskydd Repellent
    Plantskydd Repellent
    $19.99 – $39.99
  • Flea-Away™ Nematodes
    Our latest and greatest eco-friendly products.New
    Flea-Away™ Nematodes
    $21.99 – $34.99
Pest Control

All-natural pest control from Gardens Alive!®

For more than three decades, Gardens Alive!® has endeavored to help gardeners enjoy the bounty of their efforts by using products that are environmentally responsible. Our pest-control recommendations are based on our own gardening experience and annual field trials, along with research conducted by organic growers, universities and government labs. We only research products that work well, but are not toxic to children, pets or gardeners.

Reduce your need for chemical pesticides

There are many ways to reduce pest damage in your garden when prevention is your first line of defense. Use a combination of traps and lures from Gardens Alive!® to ward off pests and avoid having to use harmful synthetic pesticides. When pest damage does occur, we recommend a combination of biological controls like beneficial insects (such as ladybugs), parasites (such as beneficial nematodes) and pathogens (such as Bt and beneficial fungi) as well as botanical controls like pyrethrin-based products that are derived from plants. Reintroduce beneficials to re-establish the balance of insect life in your garden.

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