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  • Shield-All Plus™ Insect, Disease & Mite Control
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    Garden Pest Bait - Pest Control Granules
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Pest Control Products for Lawns

All-Natural Pest Control Products from Gardens Alive!

For more than three decades, Gardens Alive!®has endeavored to help gardeners and home owners enjoy the bounty of their efforts by using products that are environmentally responsible. Our pest-control recommendations are based on our own gardening experience and annual field trials, along with research conducted by organic growers, universities and government labs. We only research products that work well, but are not toxic to children, pets or gardeners.

  • What Does Lawn Insect Control Do?

Grubs, insects, moles and other pests can damage your lawn. Our lawn non-toxic pest control products are designed to keep harmful pests from damaging your lawn—while still allowing you, your children and pets to enjoy your lawn.

Buying the Right Pest Control Product for Your Lawn

When selecting pest control products for your lawn, the first step is identifying the pests that are causing the damage. Many pests, like moles, grubs, fleas and ants, are easy to identify. The next step is to select a product that is effective against those pests. The labels on our pest control products identify what pests they are designed to control.

  • How Much Does Pest Control Cost

Our natural pest control solutions are affordable, and several of our pest control products are under $25.

How Does Hybrid Pest Control Work

There are many lawn pest control products that reduce pests and pest damage in your lawn—and we've found using a hybrid pest control method is very effective. Using baits and repellants, such as Bull's-EyeOutdoor Granular Ant Bait and Mole-ReliefMole & Vole Repellent, can keep pests away. When pest damage does occur, we recommend a combination of biological controls like beneficial insects, parasites (such as beneficial nematodes) and pathogens (such as grubHALT!®Bt For Lawn Grub Control and Shield-All Plus Insect, Disease & Mite Control) as well as botanical controls like pyrethrin-based products that are derived from plants. Reintroduce beneficial insects to re-establish the balance of insect life in your garden. Using a combination of products is often the most effective way to break the pest cycle.

  • How Nematodes Work

An effective non-toxic pest control method is the use of nematodes. These microscopic, beneficial predatory worms hunt down and kill pest insects but pose no threat to people, pets or plants. They won't harm beneficial insects, either. They're an environmentally friendly, non-chemical solution to get rid of grubs and many other soil-dwelling pests. Gardens Alive! offers a variety of nematodes for sale, including Grub-Away®Grub Control Nematodes, Garden Army Multi-Purpose Nematodes and Flea Defeater-Flea Control Nematodes.

  • How to Use Our Lawn Insect Control Products

When using our lawn pest control products, follow the label instructions. Some products are applied using a broadcast spreader while others, like nematodes, are applied with a sprayer.

  • How Often Should Pest Control Be Done

Most of our lawn pest control products are used just a few times a year. For example, nematodes and grubHalt! are usually applied in the spring and fall, while our mole repellant works for up to three months.

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