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  • Gardening Goggles
    Gardening Goggles
    $16.99 $16.14
  • Plantskydd® Deer & Squirrel Repellent
    Plantskydd® Deer & Squirrel Repellent
    $29.99 – $49.99
    $29.99 – $44.99
  • Heavy Weight Weed Barrier Mat
    Heavy Weight Weed Barrier Mat
    $34.99 – $59.99
    $29.99 – $59.99
  • Turf Alive!® III Grass Seed Mixture
    Turf Alive!® III Grass Seed Mixture
    $12.99 – $119.99
    $12.34 – $119.99
  • Iron X!™ Selective Weed Killer for Lawns
    Direct Gardening Association Award Winners.Green Thumb Award
  • All-Ways Greener™ Grass Seed Mixture
    Direct Gardening Association Award Winners.Green Thumb Award
    All-Ways Greener Grass Seed Mixture
    $6.99 – $54.99
    $4.99 – $54.99
  • Digital Moisture Meter
    Digital Moisture Meter
    $39.99 $37.99
  • Garden Sentinel™ Biofungicide
    Garden Sentinel Biofungicide
    $29.99 – $24.99
    $22.49 – $23.74
  • grubHALT!® Bt For Lawn Grub Control
    Direct Gardening Association Award Winners.Green Thumb Award
  • Bull's-Eye™ Outdoor Granular Ant Bait
    Direct Gardening Association Award Winners.Green Thumb Award
  • Shield-All Plus™ Insect, Disease & Mite Control
    Direct Gardening Association Award Winners.Green Thumb Award
Lawn Care Products & Supplies

You can plant all the beautiful flowers you want, but if your lawn is unhealthy, the rest of your efforts fall a bit flat. The right lawn care products can be a game changer for your yard, taking it from sparse and full of weeds to lush and healthy. Gardens Alive!® offers a variety of lawn care supplies to help get your lawn in shape. Browse our extensive selection of lawn maintenance products today to help you grow the greenest, healthiest lawn on your block!

Lawn Care Products from Gardens Alive

Anyone can enjoy thick, healthy grass with our wide range of high-quality lawn care supplies. Gardens Alive is known for offering all-natural solutions to different lawn problems, which means you can grow a lush, green lawn with products that contain no synthetic ingredients! We're committed to product effectiveness just as much as we are environmentalism. Every Gardens Alive lawn care product is created to do the job right without causing environmental harm.

Choosing the Right Lawn Care Supplies

Whether you're using WOW!® Supreme or the Lawns Alive!® all-natural fertilizers, lawn care products from Gardens Alive have always enhanced the beauty of our customers' lawns.

If you want to quickly get rid of unwanted weeds growing in your lawn, nothing works better than our Iron X! Selective Weed Killer. And if moles are a problem, Mole Relief is the perfect solution.

Got bald spots on your lawn? Our completely natural Turf Alive!® and All-Ways Greener grass seed mixtures stay out of flower beds, require less nitrogen fertilizer, choke out weeds, eliminate thatch, and are drought and pest-resistant!

Lawn Care Products: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

It's important to read product descriptions when buying lawn care products. Be sure to follow any instructions on when, where, and how to use your products to get the best results.

Getting Started With Lawn Care Supplies

First, decide what your lawn is asking for. Is it patchy and lifeless? You likely need a lawn fertilizer and grass seed. Holes? Those points to moles. We'd recommend trying some pest control. Weeds taking over? You need a weed killer designed to kill the variety of weeds you're combatting. You may have one issue or several keeping your lawn from looking and growing its best. Give your yard a good look over to determine which lawn care products are a priority.

Picking the Best Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Products

Eco-friendly lawn care products do exist. It's a myth that you have to use harsh chemicals to better your lawn. In fact, it's best you don't. Products filled with chemicals can disrupt the entire ecosystem of your lawn, from the soil to the plant life to the pollinators. You can feel confident that all Gardens Alive lawn care products contain no harsh or synthetic ingredients. Take a look at each product's label, available on each product page, to view ingredients and pick the best eco-friendly lawn care supplies for you.

Which Lawn Care Products Are Best for Spring

Raking, seeding, aerating, weeding, and fertilizing are all wise to do in late spring to help your lawn come alive in the summer. Gardens Alive has a variety of lawn care products to help with these tasks. Browse our grass seeds, weed killers, and fertilizers to see which best addresses your lawn's needs!

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