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Kale and Cabbage

Fun Fact

Just one serving of kale has more absorbable calcium than a small carton of milk.


Extremely popular worldwide for its versatility and great flavor, you can chop cabbage into a fresh slaw, use younger leaves for salads, pickle into sauerkraut, sauté, bake, add to soups or use for sandwich wraps! It contains one of the largest concentrations of sulfur compounds, which aid in the liver's production of enzymes that remove carcinogens, including cancer cells.


Known for its health benefits and versatility in the kitchen, kale is also a rock star in the garden! It will produce from spring through fall and is incredibly easy to grow! The flavor of many varieties gets sweeter after a frost event.

Kale and cabbage pests and disease

Cabbage Looper and Cabbageworm can be a problem, but the worms can be hand-picked early in the morning. We also recommend spraying with Green Step II™ Caterpillar Control. One or two well-timed applications after early signs of damage may be enough.

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