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Garden Insect Netting for Plants

Insect Nets for Gardens From Gardens Alive

Don't let pests destroy all of the hard work you put into your yard and garden. For over 30 years, the professionals at Gardens Alive! have offered environmentally-friendly solutions to gardeners. With our garden insect netting, you can protect your plants, trees and produce without using chemical control solutions.

Choosing the Right Garden Insect Netting and Bird Netting

When deciding what garden netting or insect barrier to use, take into account plant size and what pests you wish to keep out. Our GrowAway™ Row Covers are designed to protect seeds and young plants while our Super-Lite Insect Barrier is an all-season insect barrier. If birds are the problem, our Premium Bird Netting will protect your produce without entangling birds. Our insect netting and bird netting allow for the passage of water and air, while our GrowAway Row Cover acts like a mini-greenhouse. All of our insect barriers allow light to reach your plants.

Finding Garden Netting for Sale and Making the Most of It

Whether using garden insect netting or bird netting, the key to success is to have it in place before the pests beginning feasting on your plants or produce. Here are some other tips for getting the most out of garden netting.

What Is Garden Insect Netting?

  • Garden insect netting is a general term for a physical barrier that keeps insects away from your plants. Some, like our GrowAway Row Covers allow light to enter, but not water. Others, like our Super-Lite Insect Barrier allow light and water to pass through, but doesn't allow heat to build up. It can be used for much of the growing season. Keep in mind, that the covers should be removed for pollination.

Why Use Garden Netting for Plants?

  • Garden netting for plants are a way to protect them without using harmful insecticides or pesticides. Insect barriers are used by all types of gardeners, including organic gardeners. Without the use of insect barriers, your plants and crops could be destroyed, or your yields may be lower.

What Is Bird Netting?

  • Bird netting has larger openings than insect netting, so plenty of light and rainfall can pass through. Our bird netting is commonly used to cover fruit trees, but can also be used to protect berries and other produce that birds may bother. Our Premium Birding Netting has openings that are .75 inches, which is smaller than other types, and it's easier to handle.

How To Install Bird Netting

  • When using bird netting, timing is key. Do not cover your fruit trees with bird netting until after the tree is pollinated. When fruits begin to develop, but before they are ripen, cover the tree with netting.
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