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Weed Control

Weed Control Supplies for Sale From Gardens Alive

At Gardens Alive! we have decades of experience in organic gardening and battling weeds. Beginning in the home of our founder and expert gardener, Niles Kinerk, Gardens Alive has been committed to offering the most effective and environmentally responsible gardening solutions since day one. We'll help you rid your garden of pesky weeds the all-natural way with weed control solutions from Gardens Alive! Eco-friendly and fast-acting, each of our products effectively prevents unwanted vegetation from spoiling your outdoor space, ornamental displays, or edible garden.

Choosing the Right Weed Control

There is nothing worse than creating a wonderful and productive backyard space only to have it taken over by weeds soon after the growing season starts. With all-natural weed control solutions from Gardens Alive, your ornamentals and edibles will continue to thrive while unwanted vegetation is eliminated from view. We offer products to keep weeds from damaging your outdoor recreation areas, too.

Our weed control produces fall into two major categories: weed killers and weed barriers. When selecting weed killers, determine what plants you want to control Our Moss-Aside™ Moss Killer effectively eliminates moss, mold, and algae from virtually any surface while our Weed-Aside™ Herbicidal Soap is a non-selective weed killer. If you prefer a barrier weed killer, consider TurboTomato Weed Barrier & Mulch that blocks weeds from emerging into the garden while simultaneously warming the soil for better edible production. Our Heavy Weight Weed Barrier Mat blocks out annual weeds while also retaining moisture in the soil.

Weed Control: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

For the most effective weed control, use weed killers and weed barriers according to label instructions. Here are some other tips.

    How To Use Weed Killer

    When using weed killers, keep in mind most weed killers are non-selective. That means they will kill weeds, desirable plants and grass. If using a weed killer, take care in where you spray it. These weed killers are great for eliminating weeds in driveways, walkways and along fences. Also, make sure you follow the label instructions on mixing weed killer and when it's safe to enter an area after its use.

    When To Apply Weed Killer

    Weed killer should be applied on actively growing plants. The most effective time of year is usually in the spring. The best time of day to apply weed killer is usually between mid morning and mid afternoon, and when the wind is calm. Do not apply weed killer when children and pets are around. Follow the weed killer's label instructions on re-entry guidelines.

    What Is Weed Control Fabric

    Weed control fabric blocks out light that most weeds need to survive and grow. It's easy to install, removable and reusable. Weed control fabric lets moisture and air into the soil. Our Turbo-Tomato! Tomato Weed Barrier and Mulch is made of food-grade plastic and warms the soil as well as controlling weeds. Because water doesn't pass through the plastic, a watering system is needed.

    How To Install Weed Barrier

    Weed barriers are most effective when laid over bare ground rather than existing weeds. We recommend installing the weed barriers in the spring or at planting time and using garden fabric pins to hold the weed control fabric in place. When planning your garden plantings, space your rows so that they are slightly wider than the weed control fabric. This makes installation easy.

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