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Garden Supplies

Organic Gardening Supplies from Gardens Alive!

Let our gardening professionals help you grow the best possible garden. We test our products in the garden and select ones that'll help you achieve gardening success. We offer season-extending row covers, indoor seed-growing kits, container and raised bed solutions, and much more.

Creating your own backyard garden or extending an existing space is an ideal way to improve your family's self-sufficiency while enjoying the freshest and most inexpensive produce possible. Even the most basic, simple garden beds can yield an entire season's worth of appetizing vegetables, succulent fruits or, for those who prefer flower gardening, fresh-cut arrangements.

Choosing the Right Gardening Supplies

With so many gardening supplies available, how do you choose the best gardening supplies for your needs? Start with deciding what you want to grow. Then consider what those plants will need during their lifecycle--including containers, supports, fertilizer and pest control. Our pros at Gardens Alive! help you out with this. When you visit a category, we offer suggestions of garden supplies you'll need. For example, if you want to grow cucumbers, you'll find cucumber seed under our cucumber category. You'll also find products that'll help you grow cucumbers including Grow Tubs, a trellis, plant food and environmentally responsible pest control.

Gardening Supplies Tips & Tricks

Best Garden Supplies for Raised Beds and Grow Tubs

It's easy to see why raised beds and Grow Tubs are popular for gardening. They can be real space savers. Plus, they can have better soil structure and drainage. Because they usually warm faster than traditional ground-level gardens, they give you a head start on spring planting.

If you have limited space for a ground-level garden or if you want to try out gardening on a smaller scale, our Grow Tubs are ideal. They can be placed on a patio or deck. (We recommend placing them on our Grow Tub Container Mats). When selecting Grow Tubs for your gardening projects, select the size appropriate to what you're growing.

Considering making a raised garden bed? We've tried a variety of kits and supplies for constructing raised garden beds and offer ones that make it easier.

Best Garden Supplies for New Gardeners

What are the essential supplies when getting started with gardening? Successful gardening starts with good soil, so check out our soil analyzing and compost supplies. Because container gardening is an easy, manageable way to start gardening, browse our Grow Tub selection. These containers come in a variety of sizes and are easy to store at the end of gardening season.

Best Garden Supplies for Pests

One of the biggest challenges of gardening is attracting the insects, birds and pollinators you want and discouraging garden pests that'll eat your plants. We're always testing environmentally responsible and effective solutions for pest control. Many are designed to target specific pests.

How to Ensure Your Gardening Supplies last

Because gardening tools are exposed to the elements—wind, rain, sunshine and more, we offer durable tools. You can extend the life of your gardening tools by storing them indoors when not in use. You'll also want to regularly inspect your tools to make sure they remain in good, workable condition. Moisture, wind, sun and use may damage some supplies. Back to Top

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