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Garden Planters and Pots

Garden Planters for Sale by Garden's Alive

Container gardening continues growing in popularity because it enables you to garden almost anywhere. The Gardens Alive! team is always looking for the best planters for gardens—ones that are environmentally responsible and promote healthy plant growth. Our garden pots for sale include the best-selling Grow Tubs fabric garden planters as well as decorative garden planters and even self-watering options.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Planters

Garden planters are a great solution for those with limited or no garden space. With our Grow Tubs, you can grow a wide variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables anywhere you want! Find planters for gardens of all kinds, from balcony gardens to patio arrangements. Made from non-woven geotextiles, Grow Tubs are fabric garden planters that allow air and water exchange and encourage strong, healthy root systems. Gardeners like the convenience and ease of our Grow Tub garden planters as well as our plant towers and strawberry planters. These outdoor planters and pots make caring for plants easy and save time, as little to no weeding is required. Gardens Alive! offers a wide selection of garden pots and planter boxes for sale to enhance your gardening experience.

When choosing garden planters for sale, the main considerations are their size and drainage. The size of the garden planter will depend on what you're growing. Our Grow Tubs come in a variety of sizes from 7-gallon planters suitable for growing lettuce to 20-gallon garden planters suitable for growing blueberry bushes. Made of geotextile, Grow Tubs fabric garden planters allow for water exchange. Planters made from other materials should have drainage holes.

Garden Planters FAQs

  • What Are Garden Planters?
  • A garden planter is a container, pot or window box used for growing flowers, vegetables, fruits or other plants. Garden planters can be made of plastic, wood, fabric, clay, glass or other materials.

  • How Do Self Watering Planters Work?
  • Self-watering planters have built-in water reservoirs, so the plants get water when they need it. Not only do they eliminate over- or underwatering, they allow you to go away for several days without having to worry about watering your plants. Our Self-Watering Plant Tower has four tiers, enabling gardeners to grow multiple plants.

  • How Do You Plant Flowers in Outdoor Planters?
  • Planting flowers in outdoor planters is easy. First select your flowers (most people choose annual flowers) and get a good quality potting mix. If your garden pot has drainage holes, place a screen over them to keep dirt from falling out. Place some potting soil in the bottom of the pot. Remove the flowers from the containers they came in and place them in the pot. Fill in potting soil around them so it is even with the soil they are already growing in and about two inches from the top of the garden planter. Water well.

  • How Do You Keep Squirrels or other animals out of your Garden Planters?
  • To keep squirrels out of your garden pots, place a repellent in the soil of your garden planter. You can buy a squirrel repellent or use natural repellents, like cayenne pepper or peppermint oil.

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