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Alive! Fertilizers for Gardens

Alive!® Fertilizer from Gardens Alive!

In the 1970s, Gardens Alive! founder and owner Niles Kinerk began exploring organic gardening and what products work and what ones don't. After founding Gardens Alive! more than 30 years ago, he's continued that quest. Working with other gardeners, researchers and scientists, Gardens Alive! developed a complete line of all-natural Alive! fertilizer.

All-natural fertilizers gradually release nutrients to the plants and add organic matter to the soil. This in turns improves the soil's water-holding capacity and soil structure.

But one fertilizer isn't best for all plants. That's because different plants have different nutritional needs. For instance, strawberries and corn require lots of nitrogen. Root crops benefit from a little more phosphorous and potassium.

Gardens Alive! went about creating a complete line of Gardens Alive! fertilizer, and we tested them in our gardens. How were the results? Overall, these environmentally responsible fertilizers boosted yields and flavor. For instance, tomato plants fed with Tomato Alive! Fertilizer produced 150% more tomatoes by weight. Potatoes fed with Root Crops Alive! Fertilizer produced 57% more potatoes by weight. Use of Vegetables Alive! fertilizer dramatically increased yields of lettuce, peas, broccoli and more.

We offer over a dozen Gardens Alive! fertilizer for specific fruits, vegetables, trees and flower bulbs. All are made with all-natural ingredients.

Choosing the Right Alive!® Fertilizer for Your Plants

When selecting Alive! Fertilizer for your plants, select the one designed specifically for the plants you are growing. Fertilizers have different N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) ratios. Our Alive! fertilizers are formulated with N-P-K ratios that meet the specific nutritional requirements of different vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and trees.

Alive!® Fertilizer: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

After selecting the appropriate Alive! fertilizer for your plants, carefully read and follow the instructions on application rates and the time to apply fertilizer.

Getting Started with Alive!® Fertilizer

Our Alive! Fertilizers come ready to use. They require no mixing or adding water. Here are a few tips.

What is Alive!® Plant Fertilizer?

Alive! Plant Fertilizer is a diverse mix of all-natural ingredients. It contains no fillers or manures.

When to Apply Alive!® Fertilizer to Your Garden

Alive! fertilizers are used for new plantings as well as for existing plantings. Because Alive! fertilizers release nutrients slowly, most are only applied once or twice a year. The timing of application varies with different plants, so it's important to follow the label instructions.

Alive! Plant Fertilizer How to Use Alive!® Fertilizer

Alive! fertilizer is a dry fertilizer that is either broadcast or mixed into the soil. Read the label instructions for specific instructions.

How Much Alive!® Fertilizer to Use

The amount of Alive! Fertilizer you use will vary with the plants. For example, when using Tomatoes Alive! Fertilizer, use 2 Tablespoons for plants. When using Vegetables Alive! Fertilizer, broadcast 1 lb. per 33 sq. ft.

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