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Cucumber Seeds

Cucumber Seeds from Gardens Alive!

Garden's Alive! cucumber varieties are guaranteed to exceed your expectations in flavor, productivity and disease resistance. A great deal of research and testing is done on our research farm to develop improved varieties of cucumber seeds, test new plants and assure the quality of our stock. Best of all? We deliver straight to your door!

Choosing the Right Cucumber Seeds

Producing an average of 10-20 fruits per plant, cucumber varieties range from standard, like those found in grocery stores, to quirky heirloom types and compact varieties perfect for container gardens.

Types of Cucumber Seeds

Slicing cucumber seeds produce the best cucumbers for fresh eating. They generally grow at least 8-inches long and have tender skin that isn't bitter. Their flesh is sweet with only small seed cavities.

Heirloom cucumber seeds have been saved and grown for decades--even centuries! A seed is typically considered an 'heirloom' if it existed more than 50 years ago. Besides having a rich history, heirloom cucumber seeds are time-tested, guaranteed non-GMO and you can keep saving heirloom seeds each year.

Pickling cucumber seeds are a Gardens Alive! favorite and will soon be yours too! Short and stout (perfectly fit for the pickle jar), pickling cucumber varieties yield heavy crops of fruit in just a few weeks.

Cucumber Seeds for Containers

Despite their sprawling vines, cucumbers can be successfully grown in containers provided they are a compact variety and their vines are guided up a trellis. Simply use a large container like our 15-gallon Grow Tub, good soil and a trellis.

Cucumbers: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

Growing your own produce is a lifelong skill that's fun and fulfilling. You'll savor each and every cool, crisp bite of your beloved cucumber crop knowing the effort that went into its unmatched flavor and nutrition. At Gardens Alive! we're committed to helping you every step of the way!

Getting Started with Cucumber Seeds

How to Plant Cucumber Seeds

Simply push 2-3 cucumber seeds an inch into the soil.

How Far Apart to Plant Cucumber Seeds

Space cucumber seed plantings 18-36 inches apart.

When to Plant Cucumber Seeds

Direct-seed in the garden after the last frost. Seeds will not germinate in soil that is less than 60 degrees.

How To Harvest Cucumber Seeds

The best practice for harvesting cucumbers is to cut the fruit off the plant with a sharp knife or pruners leaving a small 1-inch section of stem attached to the cucumber.

When to Harvest Cucumbers

For fresh eating, harvest cucumbers when they are 7-9 inches long and are dark green in color. Harvest pickling cucumbers for sweet pickles or gherkins at 2-inches in length. And if you're harvesting pickling cucumbers to make dill pickles, 3-4 inches in length is a good rule of thumb. Back to Top

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