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Preserve your harvest by freezing or canning for a cherished treat on cold winter days. Sweet corn is full of the type of antioxidants that promote heart and lung health.

Fun Fact

An ear of corn always has an even number of rows and there is one silk for every kernel of corn on each cob.

Can you grow corn in a container?

We do! Grow sweet corn right on your patio in our Grow Tub® 20 Gallon Container.

What is the best type of fertilizer for growing corn?

Sweet Corn Alive!™ Fertilizer increases yield and encourages healthier, more vigorous plants and sweeter kernels. This fertilizer provides a steady supply of plant-available nitrogen which results in larger, tender ears!

Treated corn seed for better growth

Gardens Alive!® is pleased to offer premium treated seed for all our sweet corn varieties. Treated seed provides many benefits to ensure growing success! The hard coating on the seed enhances germination and plant vigor. Treated seed also allows earlier planting of the seed because the coating protects the seed until soil reaches the proper temperature. It also protects against disease and fungus. Additionally, treated seed flows more smoothly through a planter allowing easier planting of large plots.

Choose from the following varieties of corn

Sugary-Enhanced Hybrids (se) have superior tenderness, creamy texture and good "corn" flavor. It has higher sugar levels than (su) varieties resulting in hybrids that hold their quality longer than a week. Isolate from all (sh2) and (su) corn varieties.

Normal or High-Sugar Hybrids (su) have a hearty corn flavor and firm, creamy texture. Sugars convert to starches quickly so it is best eaten shortly after harvest. It has a vigorous germination and is easy to grow. Isolate from (sh2) varieties.

Super-Sweet Hybrids (sh2) are extra-sweet in flavor with a crisp texture. They have a higher sugar content than (se) and (su) varieties, as well as a slower conversion of sugars to starches. Isolate from (su), (se) and synergistic types.

Synergistic Hybrids (sy) combine the best characteristics of (sh2) and (se) types. They have a very high sugar content, tender and crisp texture and a slow conversion of sugars to starches. Isolate from (sh2) and (su) varieties.

Gotta Have It® Hybrid is the sweetest variety of all types with a tender, crisp texture. It has the highest sugar content and slowest conversion of sugars to starches holding more than two weeks. Isolate from all (se) and (su) varieties.

Corn pests and diseases

Corn Borer and Corn Earworm often require control. The best control strategy includes starting with an earworm-resistant variety like Gotta Have It®. For susceptible varieties we recommend 1-2 applications of Bulls-Eye™ Bioinsecticide when silks appear.

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