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Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Insects for Sale From Gardens Alive

For over 30 years, Gardens Alive! has supplied gardeners with all-natural, eco-friendly solutions. Our natural solutions include nematodes, honey bee attractant and shelter for beneficial insects. We offer beneficial insects for sale that are eco-friendly and effective.

What Are Beneficial Insects?

Beneficial insects are helpful in your garden. Some are predators and eat other pests. Some are pollinators that pollinate flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Many gardeners prefer this all-natural, eco-friendly approach over using harmful chemicals.

How To Attract Beneficial Garden Insects

To attract beneficial insects to the garden, Gardens Alive! recommends taking a multi-step approach. First, lure them to the garden with Bee Allure Honeybee Attractant as well as perennials and other plants that attract pollinators. Next, provide them with shelter, such as our Bee Nesting House.

How To Use Beneficial Insects

Nematodes, or predatory worms, are another effective, all-natural way to control pests. While they pose no threat to people, pets, or plants, they are effective in controlling grubs, fleas, and other garden pests. When you buy beneficial insects, be sure to follow label instructions.

How To Raise Beneficial Insects

The key to raising beneficial insects in the garden is providing them with a hospitable habitat, including a diverse range of plants. Also, remember that many chemical solutions may also harm beneficial insects.

Choosing the Right Beneficial Insects

We offer a wide selection of garden bugs, such as beneficial nematodes to keep harmful grubs and irritating fleas at bay, as well as an entire line of pollinator lures to keep your garden buzzing with activity. Our compost worms are another popular garden bug that we love for maintaining the health of our garden. The Bee-Allure Honeybee Attractant and Bee Nesting House entice bees of all sorts to the property, while our Basic Bat House gives bats a cozy home base while they rid the area of disease-carrying mosquitoes and other bugs that put a damper on your family's outdoor activities.

The first step in choosing the right beneficial insects for your garden is to determine what insects you want to attract or deter. Nematodes are microscopic, beneficial predatory worms that hunt down and kill pest insects but pose no threat to people, pets, or plants. Specific nematodes hunt down fleas, grubs, and other garden pests.

If you want to attract pollinators and bees, choose attractant and nesting houses. Also, plant perennials and other plants attract bees.

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