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Save $25 on your order of $50 or more!
Offer Expires: September 30, 2023
  • Plantskydd® Deer & Squirrel Repellent
    Plantskydd® Deer & Squirrel Repellent
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Animal Repellents

Animal Deterrents from Gardens Alive!

At Gardens Alive! we have decades of experience in organic gardening and growing perennials, roses and other plants. Beginning in the home of our founder and expert gardener, Niles Kinerk, Gardens Alive has been committed to offering the most effective and environmentally responsible gardening solutions since day one. We've tested and tried many eco-friendly, natural pest control solutions and offer the most effective animal deterrents to keep deer, rodents and other animal invaders at bay.

Choosing the Right Animal Repellent For Gardens

The key to choosing the right animal repellent for gardens is to first identify what pests are damaging your garden. Our natural animal repellents are targeted for specific animal pests. Browse our line of natural animal repellents and discover the right choice of plant protection from animals. All-natural and chemical-free pest control like our Plantskydd® Deer & Squirrel Repellent use all organic, non-toxic ingredients to keep these destructive creatures out of your garden for up to 6 months. Mole-Relief™ Mole & Vole Repellent is a non-poisonous, biodegradable humane solution to driving away tunneling rodents for 3 months per application. Netting for the garden, such as our Premium Bird Netting and Pest Netting Tunnel, is another way to protect your plants. No matter what your animal pest situation, we can help. Find these and other non-toxic, eco-friendly pest control solutions on our website.

Natural Animal Repellent: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

When using plant protection from animals, always follow the instructions on the label. Here are some more tips.

  • How to Keep Critters Out of the Garden

    The two environmentally friendly ways to keep critters out of your garden are using animal repellent for gardens or garden netting. Repellents usually emit an odor that makes your garden and plants less appealing to specific critters. Instead of stopping for a snack, they'll usually pass by to find a better place to eat. Netting for garden acts as a barrier. It's often used to protect plants from birds and insect pests.

    When using animal repellents, you will most likely have to re-apply throughout the season, as rain may wash them away or the odor may fade. Follow the label directions for their use. For garden netting, make sure that the tree or plant is completely covered with netting. Also, for netting for garden to be most effective, cover your plants before the birds or the insects become a problem.

    What is a Natural Animal Repellent?

    Natural animal repellents are non-poisonous, environmentally friendly ways to keep animal pests out of the garden. Often the odor of natural animal repellents deters deer, rabbits, moles and other pests from visiting your garden. Many gardeners choose natural animal repellents because they don't want toxic chemicals on or near their fruits and vegetables. Also, they prefer non-toxic products that are safe for animals, plants and the environment.

    What is the Most Effective Natural Animal Repellent

    The most effective natural animal deterrents are easy to use and keep critters from nibbling on or damaging the lawn and garden. They're also non-toxic. Some of the best we've tried are Plantskydd® Deer & Squirrel Repellent and Mole-Relief™ Mole & Vole Repellent.

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Save $25 on your order of $50 or more!
Offer Expires: September 30, 2023