• 2341
    • Weather Shield™ Spreader Sticker - 16 oz makes 95 gallons
    • $14.95

Weather Shield™ Spreader Sticker

Provides more even coverage!


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Product Details

The better a lawn and garden spray sticks to plants, the better it has the opportunity to work. But environmental elements and even our own well-intentioned watering actually evaporate and wash away spray insect- and disease-control products before they can have their full effect. In addition, sprays don't always cover evenly.

Mix Weather Shield with your favorite lawn and garden sprays so:
  • sprays remain on plants longer.
  • you get better and more even spray coverage.
  • the active time span for Bt and other botanical sprays is extended.
  • rain, dew and irrigation don't wash sprays away.
  • breakdown of sprays due to solar heat and ultraviolet radiation is slowed.
Weather Shield spreads spray materials completely before binding them to the leaf surface. Mix the spray you intend to use according to package directions, then add 1 teaspoon of Weather Shield per gallon of spray. Apply at least 1 hour before watering or before expected rainfall.

    • 2341
    • Weather Shield™ Spreader Sticker - 16 oz makes 95 gallons
    • $14.95