• 3390
    • Watergarden & Pond Phosphate Binder - 1 lb
    • $24.99

Watergarden & Pond Phosphate Binder

Naturally reduces unhealthy phosphate levels in water

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Product Details

A buildup in phosphates can spell trouble for your pond or water garden. Too much can open the door to excessive algae growth, something that can upset a healthy water-based ecosystem.

The all-natural powder formulation of our Watergarden & Pond Phosphate Binder provides a non-chemical alternative to using aluminum sulfate (alum) to bind the problem-causing substance. Derived from sea plant material, our binder is designed to create a healthier water environment. Our phosphate binder:

  • buffers pH levels.
  • enhances overall water clarity.
  • aids in reducing toxic ammonia.
  • reduces negative effects of phosphate.
  • supplies about 70 beneficial trace minerals.
Watergarden & Pond Phosphate Binder is safe to use around fish, birds, plants and pets. Great for koi ponds! Use it year round; 2 ounces applied every 1-2 weeks will treat up to 1,000 gallons of water. Use in conjunction with our Watergarden & Pond Beneficial Bacteria Tablets to get the best results in maintaining a clear, healthy water environment.

    • 3390
    • Watergarden & Pond Phosphate Binder - 1 lb
    • $24.99