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    • Watergarden & Pond Beneficial Bacteria Tablets - 10 Tablets per package
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Watergarden & Pond Beneficial Bacteria Tablets

Keeps your backyard water garden clean and clear–and beautiful!

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Product Details

Water gardens and ponds can add a soothing dimension to your backyard. Let us help you keep them as clean as can be with our Watergarden & Pond Beneficial Bacteria Tablets.

Easy to use, the dissolvable tablets contain beneficial bacteria that naturally break down organic waste—the cause of murky, brown water. The 1-ounce tablets are all-natural; no binding agents or harsh chemicals are involved. Simply toss in the tablet and let it do all the work. No mess involved! The slow-release formula dissolves over a 4- to 8-hour time frame, starting its job immediately.

The beneficial bacteria contained in the tablets:
  • reduce problem-causing nitrates and phosphates.
  • lessen bottom sludge and muck.
  • minimize odors by controlling organic waste.
  • keep water clear and healthy.

Watergarden & Pond Beneficial Bacteria Tablets are safe to use around birds, plants, pets and fish, including koi. Designed for year-round use. One tablet treats up to 1,000 gallons of water every 1-2 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Sep 4, 2013  |  By KAREN WARNETSKI
Easy, convenient & safe way to clear your koi pond. Mine is under trees so it sometimes turns a tea color & cloudy in hot weather. Throw some tablets in every week & the beneficial bacteria takes care of the rest with no harm to my koi. Been using this product for 3 years & never a miss-step.

    • 3388
    • Watergarden & Pond Beneficial Bacteria Tablets - 10 Tablets per package
    • $16.95
      2+ $14.95