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Tomato Cage

Lasts for years to come

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Heavy-gauge wire sturdy enough to support plants loaded with fruit, Tomato Cage provides a generous growing area of over 3½ cu. ft. Square design featuring eight legs allows cages to be stacked in order to accommodate even the most vigorous climbers. Package includes 2-48" cages.

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Jul 6, 2012  |  By Debbie Branstetter
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I was not convinced these would hold up when I got them but I sure knew I needed something better than the round ones you get in the stores. I got my and was so excited to get my garden out. My tomatoes has grown to the top and set on like crazy when I went out of state one weekend. My kids to me we had a really windy storm the night before and 3 inches of rain. I knew when I crossed the river and seen all the trees floating that it had been a rough storm. First thing as soon as I walked in I went straight out to the garden and to my surprise not one of the 20 cages were down. I would have had to stake my cages with a t-post to keep them up any other time. I recommend these cages to anyone. They are pricey but I got mine when they were on sale and am buying 20 more today.

Finest tomato supports!

Jan 27, 2012  |  By cindy
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I bought some of these cages at an auction from an old-timer a few years back. They are great! Never found them until I saw them here at Gurneys and bought more. They are a bit pricey but very sturdy and durable! My tall Heriloom tomatoes in these cages survived Hurricane Irene here in Vermont when all around us things were flattened. I'm very impressed. I needed to add some rebar in order to tie the indeterminate Brandywine vines once they grew even higher than the cages, but that's not the norm. Raised bed, organic growing, they grew and grew. BUY THESE CAGES!

Best Cage for the Money

Jan 2, 2012  |  By Donalee
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I ordered 2 of these cages last year as well as 2 from another catalog for twice the cost. These cages held up as well as the more expensive ones and handled high winds and heavy plants with no problems! I am ordering more this year. Just wish you had smaller ones for pepper plants.

Kudos to the desgner

Nov 26, 2011  |  By Rosalyn
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This design is PERFECT! I always thought the funnel-shaped cages were designed too flimsy with their 3 legs which allowed my tomato plants to topple over and become ground runners anyway. This past season, I used 16 of these square tomato cages along with the tomato food. Even with our rainy summer my production more than doubled from last year! The tomatoes are easy to pick, have plenty of aeration to dry after rains and the cages stand up to gusty, sustained winds. The easy folding down for storage is a huge plus. I plan to buy 4 more for next season and use them for my cucumbers (as an experiment).

Sturdiest Tomato Cages Ever!

Aug 24, 2011  |  By Lisa
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I got 2 of these tomato cages this spring--they are the sturdiest cages ever! I plan to get 2 more for next season.

    • 80914
    • Tomato Cage - 2 pack per offer
    • $39.99

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