• 8325
    • Tomato Blossom Set Spray - 32-oz ready-to-use spray bottle
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Tomato Blossom Set Spray

Earlier, bigger yields; more fruit set!


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Product Details

Helps tomato blossoms set fruit despite poor weather or other unfavorable conditions. When tomato flowers are fully open, spray regularly for bigger yields all season. Ready-to-use spray contains a natural hormone that also increases fruit set on peppers, cucumbers, beans, eggplants, melons, okra and grapes.

Customer Reviews

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Best thing ever!
Mar 9, 2011  |  By Scott
As a kid my mom used this product and we always had excellent luck with it. I now use it and sure can tell the difference when i use it or not. The production is almost double when I give a good spray!

Tried it and like it
Jul 7, 2009  |  By bichonmax
Last year I hardly got any cucumbers and tomatoes so I tried this spray, now I'm ordering my second bottle, I have so many cucumbers and tomatoes popping out, I want to continue using it on my eggplants and peppers.

For more than tomatoes
Mar 7, 2009  |  By Lee
I may be imagining it, but I use this on more than my tomatoes, and it seems to work on all sorts of blossoms--apple, pear, plum, eggplant....and yes, tomato.

Get fruit
Mar 2, 2009  |  By Luke
This is great stuff. I use this on all my tomatoes. Almost every blossom will turn out a tomato using this stuff in my experiance.

    • 8325
    • Tomato Blossom Set Spray - 32-oz ready-to-use spray bottle
    • $24.95