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Thirteen ways to Stop Slugs
"There Must be THIRTEEN Ways To StopYour Sluggies"

Question. Mike: How do I rid my romaine of those pesky slugs? They have invaded my 1st ever crop oflettuce!                                             
            ---Donna in Woodstown, NJ

We planted host as in the garden in back of our brownstone and nowthey're covered in holes. We've seen a few slugs in the area, so we're guessing it must be them. We've got pets and a toddler so want to treat the problem organically. Any "eco-friendly" advice on how to get rid ofslugs?            
            ---Hannah inBrooklyn, NY

…Help! Do nematodes work on slugs? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,                       
            ---Karen inIowa

What is the best way to control slugs in vegetable gardens?
            ---Eileen in Anchorage

What's eating my basil before I can? The leaves are half gone already.I don't see anything, but I'm going to try looking when it's dark to see if slugs are the culprit. If they are, is beer an OK organicsolution?                            
            ----Colleen in Spokane WA

Answer.    Thank you ladies! Your varied locales—East, West, smack in the middle, and Alaska—should help reassure all of our mollusk-munched listeners that slugs are a universal problem. And yes—unexplained, raggedy-leafed damage occurring overnight in your garden is likely slugs. Go out with a flashlight around midnight to confirm this—and to get REALLY grossed out.


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