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    • Thermal Plant Protector - Pack of 5
    • $9.99

Thermal Plant Protector

Protect plants from cold, frost and sunburn.

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Product Details

After 15 years of extensive testing at our Gardens Alive! research farm, the Thermal Plant Protector has been well worth the wait! Lightweight, translucent plastic corrugate frame holds air pockets that warm the soil, insulating plants from cold, frost and sunburn. Increases growing time by up to two weeks earlier in spring, no hardening off required! Also works well for protecting perennials from winter damage. Hinged lid can be closed to protect plants from hard freeze and opened to prevent over-heating on warm days. Comes complete with holes for staking. Lasts for 1 season. Pack of 5. Easy to use, just mound dirt over base to hold in place, or use our optional U-shaped pins, (sold separately.)

The Thermal Plant Protector can be used for early spring planting of cole crops, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables. The plant protector can also protect early plantings of ornamentals. The plant protector warms soil quicker than unprotected plant, increasing the plants' growth rate.

  • Insert flaps
  • Slots for insert flaps
  • Holes for u-pins
  • Ground flaps
  • Lid

Thermal Plant Protector Video

    • 1691
    • Thermal Plant Protector - Pack of 5
    • $9.99

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