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    • Sure-Catch™ Clothes Moth Trap - 3 traps
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Sure-Catch™ Clothes Moth Trap

Trap clothes moths before they damage your woolens!

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Product Details

Use Sure-Catch Clothes Moth Traps to protect clothing and other fabrics from damaging moths. A natural pheromone bait is in the sticky glue on the inside of the trap. The bait lures moths into the trap, and the glue catches them.

Clothes moth larvae feed on wool, fur, feathers, leather, lint, dust, paper, upholstered furniture, and occasionally cotton, linen and silk. Protect your at-risk clothing and other valuables with Sure-Catch Clothes Moth Traps—and your belongings will be moth-free. Place our trap in closets, armoires, wardrobes and trunks—anywhere clothes and natural fibers are stored.

Customer Reviews

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agree older ones were better
Nov 16, 2014  |  By D Crafts
For me the new brown ones work about as well, but the adhesive sticks to the protective paper and everything else, better than to the trap's side wall--needs a paper clip to keep trap a triangle; and getting the protective paper off the sticky stuff is a problem. Also harder to write a date on the new ones.

don't buy the new ones
Oct 10, 2014  |  By Leonard
We have been using the OLD version of these with much success. The last order was a NEW version (wood-grain cardboard with the pheromone on a disc. They DO NOT WORK. The older versions (white cardboard with pheromone embedded in the glue) were fantastic. Please, Gardens alive, return to the older version. I would give the new version 0 stars if I could.

These really work
Sep 26, 2014  |  By jt
I can't believe no one has reviewed these yet. I've tried other brands and these are the absolute BEST! They may be tiny in size, but they're definitely mighty! These little traps quickly fill up with loads of moths, while other brands catch one or two or even NONE. Thank you for having them. I only wish I could order them from Amazon too (hint, hint).

    • 2838
    • Sure-Catch™ Clothes Moth Trap - 3 traps
    • $16.95
      2+ $14.95