• 1836
    • Strawberry Pyramid Grow Tub - (3.5 gal) 12" x 12" base x 20" H
    • $14.95

Strawberry Pyramid Grow Tub

Easily grow strawberries from your patio or deck!


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Product Details

Grow more plants in less space with our exclusive Strawberry Pyramid Grow Tub! Made from non-woven geotextiles that allow for air and water exchange, this heavy duty tub is perfect for creating a quick and easy garden of strawberries, herbs,and/or annual plants. Elevated fruits are easier to see and harvest, and typically do not require weeding. Plant multiple varieties in the same tub! Use them inside or outside; can even be placed directly in the garden. At the end of the season, simply remove plant material and soil from the tub,then fold it flat for easy storage. Plants not included. US Patent No. 9,253,949

  • Holds 18 plants
  • Only takes up 1 sq. ft. (traditional planting takes 63 sq. ft.)
  • Slanted edges allow light to reach all plants
  • Made from non woven geotextiles that allow air and water exchange
  • Stores easily at the end of the season.

Customer Reviews

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no handles
Mar 8, 2013  |  By candice
these grow tubs are thick enough to use again and again but they do not have handles for easy moving, at least the two I recieved did not. Hopefully we will not need to move them very often. They do take a good amount of soil to fill, at least 2 cubic feet.

    • 1836
    • Strawberry Pyramid Grow Tub - (3.5 gal) 12" x 12" base x 20" H
    • $14.95