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    • Pot Stickers - Pot Stickers - Pkg of 10 traps
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Pot Stickers

Protect all of your plants from small flying insects

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Product Details

With our whimsical, butterfly-shaped traps, you can protect your plants from small flying insects that feed on their roots and leaves.

Fungus gnats, white flies, leaf miners, aphids, thrips, sciarid flies and other small flying insects cause damage to houseplants and can spread from one plant to virtually all the plants in your home or greenhouse. Use our Pot Stickers to trap them and stop the infestation.

Insert traps directly into the soil of houseplants and container plants, indoors or outside. Traps have pre-drilled holes and twist ties so you can also hang them from larger plants or fruit trees. Disposable traps are coated in UV-resistant glue that doesn't run at high temperatures or become ineffective at low temperatures. Your fingers won't stick to our traps, but flying annoying insects will! Traps are waterproof, disposable and non-toxic. Package of 10 traps comes with 10 twist ties for hanging.

Customer Reviews

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Mar 1, 2016  |  By Lorelai
This product works fast and efficiently for getting rid of our soil flies/gnats. I have several amaryllises and a Meyer lemon tree that I bring in for the cold season, and there are always tons of little flies. Within a couple day, they were all stuck to the pot stickers, and I no longer see them flying around.

these things really work
Mar 2, 2013  |  By Ginger
I got some of these when someone gave me a gift of potted amaryllis. The little bugs were everywhere. I put in a pot sticker and by next day it had about 30 of the little brats on it. Now it keeps them under controll. The only problem I have run into is trying to work around the plants I keep getting them stuck to my sleeves or the leaves of the other plants.

These are great!
Dec 29, 2012  |  By Jan
I bought these a few years ago when I started having problems with gnats with my indoor houseplants. I am ordering more. They catch lots of gnats that would otherwise be bugging me. I am ordering the knock-out gnat granules to kill the larvae before they become adult gnats.

    • 2833
    • Pot Stickers - Pot Stickers - Pkg of 10 traps
    • $14.95
      3+ $12.95