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    • Plantskydd® Deer Repellent - 1 lb (makes upto 1 gallon)
    • $49.99

Plantskydd® Repellent

Ready-to-use formula repels for up to 6 months!

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Product Details

Don't let hungry wildlife damage your garden and surroundings by snacking on tasty plants and shrubs. Plantskydd Repellent provides all-natural protection from a variety of animals.

Plantskydd keeps pesky deer, opossum, rabbits— even larger wildlife such as elk and moose—away from your garden and landscape.

The organic, non-toxic formula of vegetable oil and dried blood:

  • contains no synthetic additives. There are no harsh chemicals to worry about.
  • is safe for animals, plants and the environment. Yet it efficiently discourages animals from feeding.

Our repellent provides long-term protection, lasting up to 6 months on dormant plants. Do not apply to edible crops 3-4 weeks prior to harvest.

Customer Reviews

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A Lot of Work

Jun 6, 2017  |  By Karen Yuschak
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This product is powdered blood meal and vegetable oil. It took me the better part of an hour to mix a gallon of it. It is messy and clumps and froths. Finally, I was able to get it in the spray bottle and it works fine. Fortunately, it comes with a paper filter. I had to unclog the filter frequently and rinsed a good deal of the product down the drain. In the future I will just buy the already emulsified version of this or at purchase blood meal and mix with vegetable oil so it will stick to plants.

Effective, with a few disclaimers

Jun 15, 2016  |  By Janet
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For several years, I planted variegated liriope only to see it decimated by local bunnies. I tried many things that did not help at all: fox statue, human hair, human urine (don't ask). I purchased the ready-to-use Plantskidd product and sprayed about 10 days ago. Thus far, it seems to be effective, although I also have not seen any bunnies around, as I did in past years. The buyer should note that this product has a definite color (dark red, from the blood content) and will affect the appearance of your plants accordingly. Also, the ready-to-use spray instructions say "use within 3 months of opening", which I would not have guessed. So the full bottle that I purchased to protect a handful of plants will mostly go to waste (although, of course, I will recycle the bottle itself).

This definately works!!

Jul 19, 2011  |  By Jeff N.
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After trying almost all repellants on the market I found one that does what it claims, and lasts! I usually do not write many reviews but had to share this best kept secret. IT WORKS! Try it and see, I promise that you will not be disappointed.

    • 2618
    • Plantskydd® Deer Repellent - 1 lb (makes upto 1 gallon)
    • $49.99

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