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Perfect Balance fertilizer – everything you need!

Because we require a professional soil test before we produce your own unique Perfect Balance fertilizer, we can provide the exact levels of all major and minor nutrients needed for your soil. Your neighbors will wonder how you can produce such bountiful crops, without the use of harsh chemicals.

We are aware of no other company, which is producing customized soil nutrient mixes for home gardeners. In fact, the economics of mixing small fertilizer batches is enough to discourage any company from even attempting to provide gardeners with customized fertilizers. (Our regular fertilizers are mixed tons at a time.) However, as we have become more aware of the science of soils, we have been increasingly frustrated by our inability to provide optimum results with our existing fertilizers (or with anyone else's, for that matter). Yes, we are able to improved yields with our existing fertilizers – but so much more is possible when nutrients can be exactly matched to a soil's needs!

We believe so strongly in the superiority of our Perfect Balance fertilizer that we are making a large investment in special equipment, which will allow us to accurately mix small batches.

Because Perfect Balance is custom-blended for each customer, you will need to place your order several weeks before you want to apply your fertilizer. We need this extra time to thoroughly, professionally analyze your soil sample, and then enter your order into production. But your patience will be rewarded! Your Perfect Balance fertilizer will not be mixed until we have your soil analysis results…because no two soils are alike!

Balanced Soil Fertility Means More Nutrition in Your Food

"Feed the soil, and the soil will feed the plant," said Dr. William A. Albrecht, a former chairman of the University of Missouri's Department of Soils. Well-fed plants provide "real food" for people, he advised.

Dr. Albrecht is widely recognized for his pioneering work studying the effects that declining soil fertility has on growing plants, animals and humans. Dr. Albrecht's extensive experiments led him to conclude "susceptibility to cancer, to the toxic effects of petrochemicals, and to chronic degenerative diseases of all types, may well be primarily the result of inadequate nutrition." Dr. Albrecht believed that a lack of all-natural material, major and minor nutrients in the soil -- or an imbalance in nutrients -- was responsible for crops lacking in a natural balance of nutrient components, which, in turn, leads to disease susceptibility for both the plants and for humans and animals which depend on these nutrient-deprived crops.

Healthy plants start with fertile, nutrient-balanced soil

Researchers in Australia have found that naturally grown vegetables and fruit may have up to 10 times more of certain nutritional elements than supermarket produce. Beans, tomatoes, peppers, and beets grown in mineral-enriched and biologically vital all-natural soils had considerably higher calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Meanwhile, children are eating only 30% of the recommended daily amounts of vegetables and fruits, said the study supervisor. "Could the reason be taste?" he asked.1

In Chicago, a two-year study showed that naturally grown potatoes, corn, apples, and pears have nearly double the nutritional content of similar commercial food.

Here's the health connection: The study noted that good nutrition plays a preventive role in diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Poor nutrition is often found among people with those illnesses as well as allergy, hypertension, and more. All-Natural foods contain high concentrations of nutritional elements that reduce symptoms of many serious, chronic illnesses.2

1 Permaculture International Journal (Australia), No. 74, March-May 2000.

2 Journal of Applied Nutrition, Vol. 45, No. 1, 1993.

Guide to Nutrient Deficiencies in Your Vegetable Garden

Soil Secrets

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