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    • Perfect Balance™ Custom Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens - 1 unit (covers 500 sq ft)
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Perfect Balance™ Custom Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens

Feed the soil and the soil will feed your vegetables as Mother Nature intended!

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Soil. The only time we might think about it is when it becomes a nuisance, like cleaning up muddy footprints left by the kids or vacuuming that fine, powdery dust tracked in from outside.

It's hard to believe something so innocuous can wield so much power.
But it does.
It can make or break your garden.

Your garden soil isn't just "dirt."
Your soil is alive, teeming with tons of microorganisms that control the flow of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and other soil nutrients needed to produce a medium that is vital to growing healthy, strong vegetables.

Perfect Balance Custom Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens provides the best possible growing environment for your plants.Without maintaining that delicate balance and making sure all the nutrients are kept in check, without having that all-important base from which to start your plants, it may just as well be dirt.

The case of the "alien" carrots
Gardens Alive!® customer Ross Sweat man knows just how true this is.

A lifelong gardener, he developed two vegetable garden plots at his home in Fitchburg, MA, so they have a very high organic loam—a good sand-silt-clay mix that drains well. Still,he wound up with low production in some areas of his garden. The areas that did produce gave him tomatoes or beets with brown spots.

Carrots were irregularly shaped and not well formed at all. "They looked like they were from another planet," he recalls. Ditto on the tomatoes,as his hybrid plants—noted for their uniformity—produced the imperfect shapes that are signature to heirloom varieties.

Oddly shaped vegetables, sickly looking plants and susceptibility to diseases can be traced to an imbalance in soil nutrients, the end result of lifelong pioneering research by Dr. William A. Albrecht, a former chairman of the University of Missouri's Department of Soils. His credo: "Feed the soil; the soil will feed the plant."

So it makes sense that when your soil is healthy, your plants will be healthy.

But how do you know what nutrients you need to make your soil healthy?
Hardware stores and nurseries sell test kits to determine the composition of your garden soil, but once you have the information, what do you do with it?

Bring Perfect BalanceTM to Your Garden Soil. Here's how...

To order Perfect BalanceTM Custom Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens, please follow these steps:

1. Determine the size of the area(s) to be treated. Take precise measurements of your garden area. Perfect BalanceTM is packaged in units that provide 500 sq. ft. of coverage. If your garden is 800 sq. ft., you would need to order two units and apply 80% of the total product.

2.Order from website, Call, e-mail, fax or mail your order to Gardens Alive! In about one week, you will receive soil test kits and easy to follow instructions for your order. Promptly take the soil samples and return them in the pre-addressed, postage-paid package to the lab for analysis (a process included in your cost for which labs charge at least $50 per analysis). Based on your soil's fertility, pH level and other factors, we mix your fertilizer.

You'll receive your shipment of Perfect BalanceTM Custom Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens about 6 weeks from our receipt of your soil sample.

    • 8520
    • Perfect Balance™ Custom Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens - 1 unit (covers 500 sq ft)
    • $99.95
      2+ $89.95
      5+ $69.95