• 12826
    • Pea Fence - 2 - 8-ft. sections
    • $39.95

Pea Fence

Get more rows to a garden.


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Product Details

Make the most of your growing space! Sturdy frame lets you plant rows closer together, saving space and making harvest easier. Hinged sections of galvanized 8-inch mesh are 32 inches high and 8 feet long. Also useful for staking other vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers. Get two 8-foot sections.

Customer Reviews

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My favorite gardening item
Feb 7, 2012  |  By Teresa
The pea fence is sturdy and lasts for a long time. I have several and for quite a number of years. Because they are foldable, I like to transform them into rectangles or triangles to use instead of pepper and tomato cages.

I use them for the earthbox
Apr 18, 2011  |  By Bonnie
These fences can be transformed into a rectangular shape that forms a perfect size cage for an earthbox. See photos of it in use here: http://forum.earthbox.com/index.php?topic=7378.0

great product
Feb 18, 2010  |  By mary
I's use the pea fence for two years and it works great. I get great results and it is easy to harvest my peas. Recommend this product to everyone.

these fences are the best!
Mar 26, 2007  |  By Janette Blandford
I've used these fences for the past two seasons, and they're the best! And not just for peas - I've found them to be especially useful for cucumbers, beans, and squash. Because of the extremely poor condition of my soil, I garden using several raised garden beds. With these fences, I can grow crops that usually spread out in a very confined space.

    • 12826
    • Pea Fence - 2 - 8-ft. sections
    • $39.95