• 3737
    • Organic Bloomsdale Spinach - Approx. 200 seeds per packet.
    • $3.45

Organic Bloomsdale Spinach

Heavy, continuous yield!



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An exceptionally nutritious food that protects against macular degeneration as we age. Harvest when spinach leaves look big enough. Either cut the leaves from the plant or pull the entire plant out. Leaves are dark green, with a savory taste and proven anti-cancer benefits. Try it raw in salads or in stir-fries. 50-55 days to maturity.

  • Zones: 3 - 9 annual
  • Height: 8 inches plus
  • Depth: 1/2 inch
  • Spread: 5-6 inches
  • Sun/Shade: Full Sun
  • Soil Preference: Light, Rich, Excellent Drainage. pH 6.0 - 6.8
  • Germination: 5-9 days
  • Days To Maturity: 45 days
  • Yield: 40-50 lbs./100 foot row
  • Seed Counts: About 200 seeds per packet.
  • Comments: 100% organic spinach seed offers a healthier alternative to chemically treated and genetically modified seed. 100% Organic, 100% open-pollinated, 100% chemical free, 100% GMO-free, no chemicals are used to grow or treat. Organic seed will grow unique tasting vegetables. Environmentally friendly cultivation methods free from chemicals. By starting with organic seed, you can ensure that you are adding beneficial minerals which in turn are taken up by the plants. The end result is a healthier plant for you to eat. Contains phytochemicals such as lutein and indoles-potential anti-oxidants and health promoting benefits. A good source of Vitamin A (carotenoids), Folates, and Potassium.
    • 3737
    • Organic Bloomsdale Spinach - Approx. 200 seeds per packet.
    • $3.45