• 3704
    • Organic Ammi visnaga - Approx. 100 seeds per packet.
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Organic Ammi visnaga

Excellent habitat for beneficial insects!



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Product Details

Lacy white flowers decorate the strong, branching stalks of these 3-4' tall plants commonly known as Khella. An en masse planting provides a welcoming habitat for beneficial insects. Excellent as a light and airy filler within floral arrangements. Nectar and pollen attract beneficial insects that control plant-attacking insects, so you can reduce or eliminate the use of insecticides. 110-120 days to maturity.

  • Height: 3-4 ft
  • Spacing: 3-6 in
  • Sun/Shade: full sun
  • Soil Preference: heavy soil--loam
  • Germination: 14-21 days
  • Days To Maturity: 110-120 days
  • Blooms: summer
  • Seed Counts: 100 seeds
  • Comments: Roots are consistently tapered and succulent-never bland or dry. Strong tops make harvest easy. Water regularly but do not overwater. Propagation methods: From seed-direct sow outdoors in fall. From seed- start outdoors mid-winter in covered containe
    • 3704
    • Organic Ammi visnaga - Approx. 100 seeds per packet.
    • $3.95