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    • Mole-Relief Dry Mole Repellent - 2 ½ lbs (treats 2,500 sq ft)
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Mole-Relief Dry Mole Repellent

Chases moles from your lawn & gardens!


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Product Details

Are small ridges and mounds of earth springing up across your lawn or garden? With their habit of digging tunnels near the soil surface and pushing up numerous hills, moles can spoil the beauty of your lawn and gardens and damage plant roots.

Effective in spring, summer and fall, easy-to-use Mole-Relief Dry Mole Repellent:

  • produces an odor that moles can't stand.
  • drives moles away—but doesn't kill them.
  • is biodegradable.
  • can be applied to wet or dry lawns.

There's no need for smoke bombs, poisons or other inhumane methods people employ in an attempt to send moles packing. Mole-Relief keeps moles away from your lawn and gardens for up to three months without harsh synthetic chemicals.

Mole-Relief Dry Mole Repellent Easy to apply by hand or with a broadcast spreader. Initially, apply it in early spring and then reapply in fall. Apply more frequently (every 90 days) if there is heavy rain. You can apply Mole-Relief Dry Mole Repellent to wet or dry lawns. It's ready to use and needs no water, no mixing. One package covers 2,500 sq. ft.

Customer Reviews

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This stuff works
Jun 16, 2015  |  By Peg L Arnett
This stuff works. I used this at our old house but never really paid attention to when it started working. One day I just noticed the neighbor had tons of mounds and I didn't have any. This time I noticed. I swear it worked over night. I didn't use it exactly as directions say to. I would expose the hole in the mound and toss some of this right down in the hole.then I took the hose and washed all the dirt back into that hole on top on the mole repellent. The day I started I had 8 mounds. The next day two had hoped back up so I repeated. No more mounds. I don't know if I have gophers or moles but I know this stuff works. I am so happy with this stuff. My neighbor even asked why I didn't have any mounds because they had a ton. I did go thru and sprinkle the yard after I did this trick. It works.. I recommend you buy several bags. Don't try to make one bag do a big yard. I bought enough for next year too. Love it

Works for us!
Mar 25, 2015  |  By Sue
We use this as a perimeter treatment - it works great! Of course, we have to sometimes apply more depending on the amount of rain, as well as the mole population for that year. An awesome alternative to poison!

It Works!
Mar 23, 2015  |  By Leila
We've used Mole Relief at 2 different homes now. Within a few weeks the moles are gone. A light application each spring and they haven't returned in 3 years. The best part is...it's safe, no poison!

great stuff!
Mar 19, 2013  |  By G. Fancher
I had used this product for several yrs w/excellent results. I did not apply any product for almost 3 yrs & began to notice the little critters moving back in! SO I will be using it at least once a yr after I get them to vacate! In the beginning I used it twice a yr as was suggested.

use with Mole Chaser
Jan 28, 2013  |  By Rhea Craig
This product works very well, but you need to use it in combination with Mole Chaser - battery powered stakes that go in the ground and vibrate to drive moles way.

True Relief
Apr 14, 2011  |  By Shari
We had tried grub treatment and poison peanuts for years but our mole problem worsened. A friend recommended Mole Relief powder, we applied it this spring and so far, there is no sign of new activity. We had aerated the lawn before applying in hopes it would help the product get into the ground better. We plan to apply again in the fall as directed. It is worth every penny if it continues to keep the moles away.

Mole relief
Nov 7, 2010  |  By Michael Burns
I applied the dry mole relief at the beginning of the season as per the bag's instructions. I think it attracted the moles! I ended up losing a large part of my garden to moles. I would not waste my money on this again.

    • 2831
    • Mole-Relief Dry Mole Repellent - 2 ½ lbs (treats 2,500 sq ft)
    • $14.95