• 1088
    • Mole-Relief Liquid Hose End Sprayer - 32 oz (treats 10,000 sq. ft.)
    • $39.95

Mole-Relief Liquid Hose End Sprayer

Chases moles from your lawn & gardens!


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Product Details

Are small ridges and mounds of earth springing up across your lawn or garden? With their habit of digging tunnels near the soil surface and pushing up numerous hills, moles can spoil the beauty of your lawn and gardens and damage plant roots.

Effective in spring, summer and fall, easy-to-use Mole-Relief Dry Mole Repellent:

  • produces an odor that moles can't stand.
  • drives moles away—but doesn't kill them.
  • is biodegradable.
  • can be applied to wet or dry lawns.

There's no need for smoke bombs, poisons or other inhumane methods people employ in an attempt to send moles packing. Mole-Relief keeps moles away from your lawn and gardens for up to three months without harsh synthetic chemicals.

This concentrate comes in a convenient, ready-to-use Liquid Hose End Sprayer to spray areas where burrowing animals are a problem. Mole-Relief Liquid effectively chases moles, gophers, voles, armadillos and other burrowing animals. Reapply every two months from early spring to late fall. (Not for use in vegetable gardens.)

    • 1088
    • Mole-Relief Liquid Hose End Sprayer - 32 oz (treats 10,000 sq. ft.)
    • $39.95