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Jump Start Light System™

Get a head start on the growing season with the handy energy-effi cient Jump Start Light System™.


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Product Details

Provides a full spectrum of light, ensuring that photosynthesis takes place for healthy plants. Our sturdy, energy-efficient system comes with stand, 2' light fixture and one full-spectrum fluorescent bulb. Light source can be adjusted from 4" to 2' to be close to plants. Easy to assemble.

Customer Reviews

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Too pricey for what it is
Feb 29, 2012  |  By Chip
It works, but the other reviews are correct: the light is too thin, so if you put a tray under it, the plants at the edges of the tray get long & spindly & bend in towards the light. I would have given it a 3 except for the price: the construction is not very sturdy. There is no way this thing is worth $80. Look elsewhere or build your own.

Great Light
Jun 11, 2010  |  By J. Gault
I ordered this earlier this year to start some seedlings indoors. This is a great product. With a seed starting kit from another seed company and this light, I had seedlings coming up in about 2 days. The light stand was easy to put together, just one little mess up from my side. My only problem is that I wish the cord could have a mounting place on the stand. I say this because the cord pulls the light for where I have to plug it in and my seedlings weren't growing straight, I had to turn them 2x a day. Not a big deal but a longer cord and cord mounting place would be great.

Great Results
Apr 15, 2010  |  By Betty Tymoniewicz
"I love this 'jump start' system. I have never had luck starting seeds in the house. The plants are doing well, just transplanted into 4"" pots, but am keeping them under the light. Next year I will get the heating pad for underneath the tray. Over all I am super happy."

Jump Start Grow Light is great
Apr 6, 2010  |  By Lois Olson
I am very happy with the Jump Start. It was easy to assemble and seems sturdy and well made. The plants, out to the base on all sides, are all growing straight.

Good light
Apr 1, 2010  |  By steve
This is a great, easy to use growing light and stand. One thing I wish it had was more bulbs, each 2 feet long. Two or three would be better. This unit has one florescent bulb.

Jump Start Grow Light
Mar 19, 2010  |  By Bob
"My seeds started sprouting in 6-7 days, are now 3-4"" tall, all are growing straight and look very good,remember to keep the light close but not to close to the plants. I'm happy."

Doesn't work
Mar 13, 2010  |  By Teresa Witthuhn
I ordered this light early this year, but just got it put together and turned it on, or tried to. It doesn't work, so don't know if the bulb is defective or the what. Disappointed, as ready to start my seeds and now I can't.

Mar 10, 2010  |  By Rookie Gardener
Although it is 2 ft long, the light is only 4 inches wide. The construction of this light system is flimsy. Not worth the money, should have been priced at no more that $20.

Find A Better Light
Mar 10, 2010  |  By DC Grower
My seeds started out with a bang about a week ago, they have all germinated more quickly than I expected based on the seed company's information. However, this system has a single bulb in the middle that causes the two seedlings farthest away to bend toward it and not to grow as well. I would recommend looking for a grow light with more even lighting.

    • 2925
    • Jump Start Light System - 2 ft.
    • $89.95
    • Out of Stock