• 4271
    • Jade Bush Beans - Approx. 100 seeds per packet.
    • $3.95

Jade Bush Beans

Very tender, sweet, and continues to produce over a long period if kept picked. Very productive!


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Product Details

These long, straight, stringless pods grow to 6 1/2" in length. These beans are known to be exceptionally sweet and tender. You and your family will be enjoying these beans throughout the summer since the duration of the harvest continues over a long period of time. The upright growth habit of this bush conveniently holds the long bean pods well above the ground for the best quality at harvest. This variety is widely adapted. 60 days to maturity.

  • Zones: 3 - 9 annual
  • Height: 15-22 inches
  • Spacing: 3 to 5 inches.
  • Depth: 1/2 inch to 1 inch.
  • Spread: Vine
  • Sun/Shade: Full sun
  • Soil Preference: Rich, well-drained soil. pH 6.0-6.8
  • Germination: 6-10 days
  • Days To Maturity: 60
  • Foliage: Green foliage.
  • Fruit: Very dark green, stringless pod with light green seed..
  • Size: Pod 7 inches long.
  • Seed Counts: #4271 - about 100 seeds per packet. 2 oz. pkt is about 150 seeds, 1/2 lb. is about 600 seeds and 2 lbs. is about 2400 seeds.
  • Comments: A gardener's choice. Is an all a round-podded bush bean that produces desirable long, straight pods with an exceptional dark green color, tender texture, and sweet flavor. Upright bush holds the pods above the ground, reducing the likelihood of curling and tip rot. Widely adapted to most bean growing regions. 60 days- noted for consistently producing premium dark green tender sweet and stringless pods. BV1, NY15 and tolerant to rust and curly top virus.

Customer Reviews

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Bush Beans
Mar 22, 2014  |  By Diane Fay
Like the previous reviewer, I found that this was the best, most abundant bush bean that I have ever grown. The weather in my area in 2013 was perfect for the plants, and I picked fresh beans for months.

Jan 1, 2014  |  By Rainbow Gardens
This is the best bush bean I have ever grown. I put together a 2 minute video review of the seed here. Check it out if you like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzlJqzda_lk

    • 4271
    • Jade Bush Beans - Approx. 100 seeds per packet.
    • $3.95