• 1036
    • Iron X!™ Selective Weed Killer For Lawns - Buy Three Get One Free! - 4 bottles per offer (16-oz each)
    • $110.97

Iron X!™ Selective Weed Killer For Lawns - Buy Three Get One Free!

IRON X!—natural weed control for a healthy, beautiful lawn!

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Product Details

IRON X!, a Selective Weed Killer for Lawns, suppresses weeds quickly, effectively and naturally! This natural weed killer controls many weeds such as, but not limited to: Dandelions, English Daisy, False Dandelion, White Clover, Black Medic, Bull Thistle, Common Chickweed, Creeping Buttercup, Persian Speedwell, Slender Speedwell, Broadleaf Plantain, Dovefoot Geranium, Healall, Shepherd's Purse, Silverweed Cinquefoil, Wild Chamomile, Moss, Algae, Liverworts, Lichens. And it won't harm your lawn!

Easy, Fast and Effective.
With all-natural Iron X!™, you can eliminate established broadleaf weeds from your lawn quickly and naturally. Our exclusive formula starts working in just hours. Plus, you don't have to worry about harming your grass when you use it! Iron X! is tough on weeds but gentle on grass. So gentle, it can even be used on new lawns as early as one week after it sprouts. Our mixture is concentrated, making it easy to mix and use in backpack, hose-end and handheld sprayers. Nothing could be easier.

Iron X!™ Eliminates Weeds...Naturally
For maximum weed control and help with already established weeds, Iron X! is the answer. Just two applications, spaced 3-4 weeks apart, controls already established broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, English Daisy, false dandelion, white clover, moss, algae and more. In a hand-held spray bottle, it is perfect for spot treating broadleaf weeds in your lawn and landscape. It eliminates the unwanted weeds but will leave your lawn unharmed. It is the ONLY all-natural product that works!

This exclusive formula is best used as a spot treatment with a handheld sprayer. It can also be used in a hose-end sprayer to treat larger areas. One bottle covers 312 to 1,250 sq. ft. While tough on weeds, it won't hurt your grass!

Unlike with chemical lawn treatments, areas treated with Iron X! can be returned to as soon as the spray dries. So get the stunning results you want without the synthetic chemicals this spring and save!

Just Twice a Season Will Do It!
Two applications, spread 3-4 weeks apart, provides as much as 95% weed control all season long. Iron X! can also be used as a spot treatment when mixed and placed in a handheld sprayer. Simply treat pesky weeds as they emerge and watch them disappear. Iron X! has no unpleasant odor so using it is not a chore. As an added bonus, people and pets can enjoy your yard as soon as the spray dries without worry.

Stops Weeds in Their Tracks.
Highly effective and fast-acting, you don't have to wait long to see results. Dying weeds will turn black or brown within hours of application. Not even adverse weather keeps Iron X! from working on your lawn. Iron X! can be applied in cold weather and is rainfast in just 3 hours. As an added bonus, you can even use it on your lawn one day and then seed your lawn next, it won't keep your grass seed from germinating. And, don't forget, Iron X! is so gentle it can even be used on new lawns!

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    • 1036
    • Iron X!™ Selective Weed Killer For Lawns - Buy Three Get One Free! - 4 bottles per offer (16-oz each)
    • $110.97

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