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Bird Bio - Hooded Oriole

Common Name:

Hooded Oriole.

Scientific Name:

Icterus cucullatus


Male - Orange crown and black tail, black throat; Female - olive gray above and yellowish below; 7-1/2 inches


  • Egg description: Whitish with brown blotches
  • Nest description: Hanging pouch-woven from grasses, leaf fibers lined with hair and feathers
  • # Eggs: 4
  • Length of Incubation: 12-14 days
  • Fledging Age: 14 days after hatching
  • Broods/season: 2-3


Open woods, shade trees, palms- groves of trees


Insects, berries, nectar - Will feed at feeders


  • Summer: Southwestern U.S.
  • Winter: Mexico


Cowbird parasitism

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