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    • Healthy Rubel Blueberry - 1 Plant per offer
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Healthy Rubel Blueberry

Tasty and nutritious, too!


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Its intense sweet-tart taste plays yin and yang with flavors. The dark-colored fruit with a wild-berry taste is a wonderful ingredient for baking. The bush is cold hardy and its foliage turns a bright red in the fall. Matures in early August. Zones 3-7. Ships in 3.5" pots.

  • Zones: 3 - 7.
  • Height: 4 - 6 feet.
  • Spacing: 4 - 6 feet.
  • Depth: Plant at same depth as in nursery.
  • Spread: 4 feet.
  • Sun/Shade: Full sun.
  • Soil Preference: Acidic, moist, organic, well-drained soil. pH should be 4.5 to 5.5.
  • Germination: 20-60 days, 70-85 degrees
  • Pruning: Blueberries should be pruned during the Winter while the bushes are dormant. In Winter, flower buds are easily visible on one-year-old wood and their numbers can be adjusted by pruning to regulate the crop load for the coming year.
  • Pollinator: Another highbush blueberry.
  • Yield: At maturity, generally the 5th year, can produce as much as 15 lbs. of berries in a season.
  • Blooms: Midseason or late June in zone 6.
  • Growth Rate: Medium growth rate.
  • Comments: Hardy Perennial: Zones 2-10 SOWING TIME: late winter to early spring. SOWING: Sow in good free draining seed compost, just covering the seed. Germination usually takes 10-30 days at 19-21C (65-70F). Different types will germinate at different times so don't discard the seed container too soon. The seed can also be sown from late spring to summer to provide larger plants for flowering the following year. Overwinter these plants in a reserve border or a well ventilated coldframe and plant out in spring.
    • 3527
    • Healthy Rubel Blueberry - 1 Plant per offer
    • $18.95
    • Out of Stock