Flea Beetle


Black, often with a curved yellow or white stripe on either side of its back. Flea beetles are seldom actually seen; they hop away before you get close enough to see them. They eat nearly all garden crops. The adults are very troublesome when seedlings are set out. Leaves become riddled with little holes, chewed through from the underside of the leaf. Larvae chew on roots of most vegetables, weakening the plant.


We have obtained excellent results using Super-Light Insect Barriers on crops where pollination is not required. Apply kaolin clay products on young plants and continue coverage every 7-14 days until harvest. Otherwise, use pyrethrins and rotenone on adults beetles and Grub-Away Nematodes on larvae. We recommend Surround® At Home® Crop Protectant, Pyola® Insect Spray and Liquid Rotenone/Pyrethrins Spray.

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