• 8684
    • Economy Red Sphere Traps - pkg of 3
    • $9.99

Economy Red Sphere Traps

Best value! Easy to use!

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Product Details

Set out Red Spheres coated with Tangle-Trap, plus scented lures (order both separately), and you can eliminate the need to spray for apple maggot flies! Spheres are effective on apple, pear and plum trees. Hang them by mid-June and leave until harvest, one trap per dwarf, six per full-size mature tree. Low-cost spheres are made of hollow plastic, and last more than one season with some care. Light enough to hang even on weak branches without bending. (Package includes wire hangers for each trap.)

Tangle-Trap's brush-on formula and brush built into lid make it easy to coat Red Spheres. Clear formula does not mask color attractant of traps. 8 oz. coats 16 red spheres.

Apple-scented lures increase the catch of adult maggot flies by up to 20 times! Lures keep indefinitely in packaging if refrigerated.

Order Tangle-Trap and lures separately.

    • 8684
    • Economy Red Sphere Traps - pkg of 3
    • $9.99

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