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Dwarf Banana


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Product Details

Can you imagine growing bananas in your very own home? With glossy green leaves that grow 3-5 ft. long, Dwarf Banana will add a tropical flair to your home AND save you a trip to the supermarket once mature. 2-5 ft. plant will produce 4-in. bananas that look like miniature replicas of their larger counterparts. Bears in 3-5 years.

Zones 10. Ships in 3" pots.

  • Zones: 10 (32° F.).
  • Height: 6 - 10 feet.
  • Spacing: Containers. 1 plant per pot.
  • Depth: Plant at same depth as in the pot it is shipped in.
  • Spread: 36 inches.
  • Sun/Shade: Bright, indirect sunlight.
  • Soil Preference: Well-drained, rich moist soil. Equal parts sand, loam soil, peat moss.
  • Pruning: Do not prune or cut back.
  • Pollinator: Self-pollinating.
  • Yield: Varies.
  • Color: Lavender-pink.
  • Foliage: Glossy green leaves to 3 feet in length.
  • Fruit: Edible fruit.
  • Growth Rate: Rapid growth rate.
  • Size: 4 inches.
  • Comments: They do not produce seeds at all. This one we sell is simply a mini or small version of those which are purchased in the supermarket. Unable to ship to: AE, AK, GU, HI, PR.

Customer Reviews

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Waiting for fruit
Apr 27, 2012  |  By Pat
I purchased the Dwarf Banana plant in 2005 and have had many pups from the original plant that grow very large & healthy but I have not grown or seen the start of any fruit in all the plants to date. If anyone has a suggestion on how to make the plants bear fruit please let me know what I need to do - Thanks.

I think it's dead
Mar 7, 2012  |  By Phil
I was really looking forward to getting my dwarf banana plant. When it finally arrived I was surprised to see how completely wilted it was. I am taking it to my mom who I have seen bring plants back to life. If I have any chance at all of getting this pathetic thing to live, it's with her.

Banana update
Nov 26, 2011  |  By Tiffany
I've had my banana for 1 year now. She is almost 6 ft tall. I put her outdoors from April-September. She stays in a sunny room during the colder months. She produced seven pups. I left two alone. The other five got their own pots. Now the opups are getting huge. I hope the original plant and some of her pups produce bananas this summer. Now the pups are having pups and I'm running out of room indoors.

tropics in Ohio
Jul 22, 2011  |  By Rebecca Gillig
I am trying to create the look of the tropics at my home. This plant really helps to create that. Just received it this spring of 2011,it gets a new leaf about once a week, and looks just beautiful. I am very happy with this little tree. We are having very hot and humid weather right now so I'm sure that is really helping it to grow. I do have it in a pot so I can move it indoors for the winter.

Pleasantly Surprised
May 6, 2011  |  By Liz
After ordering the dwarf banana and reading the reviews I expected a dead stump or something. It came in really great shape and is growing great. Very happy.

Incredibly Resilient Plant
Mar 23, 2011  |  By Sonia
I've had my banana tree plant for close to two years now. As with all of my Gurneys purchases, I am so impressed with this plant. The plant was doing great until last winter when I failed to bring it inside, and it froze, so I thought that was the end of a plant I'd tended to for a year and a half. I left the stump in the pot (indoors) and to my amazement, about a month later, a new shoot had sprouted. Literally in three months, the plant went from being a poor neglected brown stump to a vibrant green multi-leaved plant about a foot tall. It's growing back so fast. Anytime I purchase from other stores, the story is usually the opposite; I take care of a plant and it dies. With Gurneys plants, even if I neglect to tend to them, they survive. I had the same thing happen with some strawberry plants from Gurneys that kept producing so many strawberries year after year (and I had thought you had to replant new strawberries every year). If you buy from Gurneys, you're getting a very healthy product.

Fast grower
Dec 12, 2010  |  By Tiffany
The 1 1/2 foot plant was received promptly. It had three leaves upon arrival, two of which I cut off due to poor condition. I planted it in a pot with a mixture of peat moss, potting soil, and vermiculite to prevent compaction. In five days, a new leaf began to protrude from the center stem. Eight days later, another leaf appeared. A week later, another leaf. And another...

Real conversation starter
Oct 20, 2010  |  By Ron
"Ordered two, since I thought ""dwarf"" would mean small. It definitely did not work out that way. Thought they were dead when I opened the box, but in one season they have become magnificent five foot plants sporting three foot leaves. Luckily, I have two greenhouses so each can have their own home for the winter. They have both produced little plantlets at their bases, so I assume I now own a banana plantation. Love these plants."

Oct 2, 2010  |  By nick
I live in ny ive had this banana tree for 7 year Ive benn trying to get it to fruit but the banana tree got HUGE this summer it got 6 feet tall and wide(i put it in a sunny spot)all they do is grow and grow!! no fruit but the foliage makes it worth it some times when theres three or more adult banana trees in the pot i cut one off its nice and all but i gave it 4 stars cause i never havested any fruit no buds either

Good Houseplant
Sep 14, 2010  |  By Winston
When i first got this tree, i thought it was dead. but then in july i put it outside, and it shot up out of nowhere. i recommend this plant to banana lovers and all else!

Sep 8, 2010  |  By Crystal
Bought this tree this spring. Started it off in miracle grow. June, i placed it outside, in FULL sun, all day, with lots of water to drink. The little tree jumped up to what is now almost 3'!! I'm so Amazed how healthy, strong, and fast it's grown in almost 4 months!

Awesome Plant
Aug 7, 2010  |  By Derek
I got this plant about 2 1/2 yrs ago and it has done really good. My first one didnt grow and died and Gurney's quickly replaced it at no cost and the new one i recieved has grown alot. It's about 4ft tall now and no banana's yet but i know it wont be long before i see some. I would recommend potting this in a big pot because i had to move mine to a bigger one. Thanks Gurneys!!

Great plant!
Jun 9, 2010  |  By Trey
I received the banana tree as a gift for birthday last year. It has grown and looks wonderful. Haven’t seen a banana yet, but know they will one day get there. Great buy!

Best Plant EVER!
Jun 6, 2010  |  By Karen
I bought my banana plant (they are not actually trees) like three or so years ago. I absolutely LOVE it! It did get much bigger than the original description stated but it is such a cool plant to own I forgive it for taking over about a quarter of the room it is in. It produced bananas last year, they were delicious! The main stalk dies after making bananas so leave at least one baby plant in the pot to take over. I was able to dig one of the extra baby plants out and put it in its own pot, I'll likely be giving it to my little sister. My plant seems to love the plant lights I have on it 24/7 and I fertilize it with a general fertilizer probably about once a month.

Does well indoors
Apr 14, 2010  |  By Ken B
I bought this Dwarf Banana Tree three years ago. I was living in Boise Idaho at the time. The tree thrived. I moved to Utah and it is still thriving. I'd recommend this tree to anyone.

The tropics in Chicago
Apr 12, 2010  |  By Roy
I got mine a year ago and have kept in indoors. It's now 7 feet tall with leaves around 3 1/2 feet in length. Even if I never get banana's its a great addition to the room. New leaf every 2-3 weeks.

Did anyone read the description of the Dwarf Banana Tree??
Mar 22, 2010  |  By W.
I can't wait for my banana tree to arrive. People be patient it does say that it takes 3-5 years to see fruit. Wish everyone best of luck with their tree/s. Take care everyone.

It's Pretty
Mar 15, 2010  |  By Christi
Okay I do love my Banana Tree. I haven't gotten anything off of it yet and beginning to think I never will but I still really like it. The leaves are a gorgious color and texture so it really livens up my room. It is going on just over 2 years now since I planted it and is still going strong. I do have to give that it is a hearty plant because I haven't been able to kill it yet.

Great little tree!
Jan 21, 2010  |  By Jessica
I purchased the banana tree a little under a year ago. It has been a great plan! The only problem I have is that my cat likes to eat the leaves! :) It is very easy to care for. I actually put mine into a larger pot, but it is doing quite well. It is about 18” tall right now. I would highly recommend this tree to others.

Beautiful Plant - No Fruit
Dec 30, 2009  |  By B Dillon
The dwarf banana tree is beautiful out on the deck but after four years, it has never ever produced fruit. Last summer I planted it outside in the yard and it grew to eight foot tall, but still did not produce fruit.

Nov 23, 2009  |  By Runner
I got my bananna plant a year ago from my grandparents and it has become my faverate plant. We leave it out side most of the summer and it is a BIG beautiful plant now. Thank You gurneys!

Banana plant
Sep 22, 2009  |  By Beau Thomas
Well I have had this plant/tree for a year & half and it seems to grow and grow, wish I knew how tall it will actualy get. Right now it is about 5 to 6 feet tall and in the discription it says that they only get 3-5 feet. I think they need to change a few things with selling the plant. thanks

Holds up in heat
Sep 19, 2009  |  By Sonia
Our plant started out small and has grown rapidly over only a few months. It is constantly turning out new sturdy leaves. Our temperatures reach into the hundreds regularly and it has held up in direct sun. Right now it is potted (small pot) and is doing well in potting soil with good drainage.

Very Nice Looking Plant
Aug 21, 2009  |  By Toni
I have had my plant for about 1 year and it has grown very well. It is about 2 feet tall and in the summer grows a new giant leaf each week (placed outdoors in full sun, and indoors for all of winter). I have researched what to do with the sprout that started to grow off it about 2 weeks ago and decided to cut it off at the base. It has only been in water for 1 day and is growing roots! So now I will have 2 leafy green banana trees!! No fruit yet but the tree is very young for that.

Good Buy
Jul 22, 2009  |  By Nolan
I purchased 2 of these great little plants just for fun. They were not so little when I got them, they grow great even up in the North East. Will definately order more from this site.

Banana Plant
Apr 23, 2009  |  By Helen
I bought the banana plant about 1 1/2 years ago. It grew so quickly & is now about 10 feet high. All I've done is water it when the soil seems dry but have not sprayed it with anything so the fruit is truly organic. Once the tree bears fruit it takes some time to ripen. I took some of the fruit iff after 3 months, and it seems that they ripen best once off the bunch and inside. One good way to ripen the bananas (& other fruit) is to put them in a closed brown paper bag for a few days. The heat generated heps speed the ripening process. This year I have my first crop, about 60-70 lbs. of fruit, im 3 huge bunches. The bananas are different from the ones in the supermarket, but my husband says they are so sweet.

Really disappointed
Mar 14, 2009  |  By Amanda
I bought this plant three years ago. The first summer after it was purchased it became infested with a number of pests - mites, maggots, etc. The initial plant eventually succumbed, but there were offshoots that have sprung up which have done nothing but keep increasing in number. I just read somewhere else that banana plants are actually giant herbs, and that the offshoots should be removed to ensure fruit production. Would have been nice to have better care instructions sent with the delivery of the plant.

Great plant
Aug 30, 2008  |  By reviewer
What a great, fun plant. In 3 months it has grown over 2 feet. There's a baby growing on the side. It's beautiful and healthy.

Banana plant
Mar 10, 2008  |  By Alice /zamora
Ordered banana plant 3 years ago, has grown to over 7 feet, has 3 babies and is wonderful. Still waiting for fruit but enjoying plant as is. Leave out all summer, bring in in late September and put out again in May. Love it.

Dwarf Banana
Jan 31, 2008  |  By Cindy
I received a dwarf banana and had to get it replaced due to shipping inadequacy. It has grown by leaps and bounds. It is over a year old, no blossoms yet, but it grew like very fast. There is yellowing of the leaves, not certain the remedy to green them up. It is about 3 feet tall as I potted it in a big pot with plenty of room and it lived out on my deck in the summer. It came inside when outside temps were down into the 40s and 30s. If it's dwarf, I'm glad I chose dwarf over a full sized one!

Awesome plant!
Oct 20, 2007  |  By Karen
"I don't really like bananas, but the plant looked so cool that I decided to buy it. It was small when I got it in May, now in October, it is over 18 inches tall and I have repotted it thrice from the pot it came in, and it is about ready for the next size up that is sitting in my living room. It is such a cool plant, I love it! Note: When it produces bananas, the main stalk will die, it is best to let two of the ""baby"" plants stay with the main plant so that they can take over, separating the rest is good so the plant has more energy to make bananas. Mine has one baby, it is so cute! "

Sep 24, 2007  |  By Becky
My Dwarf Banana never did look like a dwarf and now 3 years later, it is 7 feet tall. It is time to bring inside and I have nowhere to put it!!! No sign of bananas yet - Huge beautiful plant if you have an atrium.

Aug 16, 2007  |  By Laura
I bought this banana tree two years ago and never had a ton of hope for it. Now it is well over 5ft tall! I used a large 'self-watering' container as I am known plant-neglector. I would like to note that the leaves spread out more than I expected, so make sure you have room. I can't wait for it to bloom and start producing. We had a tornado in the area last week and the one thing I brought inside was this plant.

Jul 16, 2007  |  By erik
"I got a 1"" plant in the mail not expecting much. Three months later, it is almost 1' tall and I hope I have bananas soon. It was a lot easier to grow than any other dwarf tree because of the plant light I got for it."

Apr 16, 2007  |  By Mellisa
The plant arrived and it was so small but now, less than a year later, it is getting very big at around 3' tall. Plus it has babies popping up around the base which will be separated and potted separately. I love it!

Pleasantly Surprized
Jan 28, 2007  |  By Kathy
I recieved this small plant to my door. Honestly not expecting much. It grew outside my home to 2Ft by summers end. It now decorates my dinning room for winter. If I recieve fruit in the years to come that will be a bonus. I just love it.

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    • Dwarf Banana - 1 Plant per offer
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