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    • Carmine Jewel Dwarf Cherry - 1 Plant per Offer
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Carmine Jewel Dwarf Cherry

Tastes better than any other cherry, including sweet cherries!

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Product Details

Large, gorgeous, purplish-red fruit with a luscious balance of high sugars and a complement of acids. High flesh-to-pit ratio great for pies, preserves, juice, dried fruit and eating fresh. Yields up to 20-30 pounds in its fifth year. Easy to grow and maintain at only 6 1/2 ft. tall. Grows on its own roots, so you get no suckers. Extreme cold hardiness and few disease and pest problems, this variety requires No Sprays! Hardy to zone 2b. Self pollinating. Bare root. (Sorry, cannot be shipped to AE, AK, CA, CO, GU, ID, OR, PR, WA.)

  • Zones: 2b-7.
  • Height: 6 1/2 feet.
  • Spacing: 5 - 7 feet.
  • Depth: Same depth as in the nursery. Plant so the roots are below soil level.
  • Spread: 5 feet.
  • Sun/Shade: Full sun
  • Soil Preference: Well-drained, sandy loam soil, free of perennial weeds, pH of 6.5 - 8.0, organic matter levels between 2 - 3%.
  • Pruning: Prune in early Spring before the bush breaks dormancy. Cherry buds are either vegetative or floral. Usually the end bud and thin side buds are vegetative and most of the larger buds are floral. When pruning, do not cut off tips of branches because you might be removing the vegetative buds and will have nothing to make new shoots.
  • Pollinator: It does not require a pollinator to produce fruit, but having another cherry (Nanking, sandcherry) nearby will increase productivity.
  • Yield: Approximately 10 - 30 pounds per plant at maturity.
  • Foliage: Glossy green foliage, oval to obovate in shape, with pointed tips and serrated edges.
  • Blooms: Mid to late May.
  • Flowers: Flower is 1/2 inch, white or pinkish blossoms.
  • Fruit: 3.5 grams, 5/8 inch, deep crimson. Brix of 17. Possible reasons why the cherry flesh does not develop as it should on the whole tree: Cherries that do not get pollinated will sometimes stay on the trees and grow slightly but usually they fall off while o
  • Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate.
    • 09466
    • Carmine Jewel Dwarf Cherry - 1 Plant per Offer
    • $39.99
    • Out of Stock

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