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BugVibes™ Japanese Beetle Deterrent

Get rid of Japanese Beetles and other pests without the use of harsh chemicals!

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Product Details

You put a lot of time, money and hard work into crafting the perfect garden. Japanese beetles and other pests are just waiting to ruin your plants. Beetle larvae can completely destroy root systems, chew through foliage (known as skeletonization) and even kill your plants.

Protect your investment with new and exclusive BugVibesTM!

What is BugVibesTM?
A small electronic device that attaches to the trunk of a tree or plant, BugVibesTM generates mechanical vibrations in the plant. Using light levels, time and vibration strength, it will vibrate in different patterns to disturb pests, including Japanese beetles and ants, to keep them off your plants.

Many avid gardeners know to shake beetles off by hand—BugVibesTM does the work for you!

BugVibesTM is an entirely organic solution that won't harm kids or pets and requires absolutely NO pesticides, NO harmful chemicals and NO mess. Patent-pending technology has been proven effective on dwarf trees, young trees and most single stem shrubs including peaches, roses, cherries, loosely mounted vines such as grape and wisteria, hardy kiwis, apricots and more.

How does it work?
The secret is in the varying patterns of vibration. With four selectable settings, BugVibesTM emits a different pattern of vibration that changes over time and time of day so the bugs never know when it's coming. This activates their primitive "fight or flight" instinct, keeping them off and away from your plants and trees!

Simply strap BugVibesTM with included Plant Guard onto a small tree, branch or vine and it will gently vibrate according to patent-pending algorithms to prevent plant damage before it occurs—and without attracting more pests to your yard with traps or lures.

Waterproof and safe for extended use outdoors, BugVibesTM can be easily moved from plant to plant based on the season.

Fully researched and tested at the University of Wisconsin Madison, BugVibesTM was shown to effectively reduce the extent of foliar damage to plants by Japanese beetles. , BugVibesTM is an excellent, non-chemical, new choice for use as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

Efficient, Effective and Chemical-Free!

This revolutionary new method for deterring Japanese beetles and other pests includes: BugVibesTM main unit with plant strap attachments, battery pack (requires 4 AAs), twist-on bottom cover and patent-pending Plant Guard.

BugVibes™ Video

BugVibes™ Repelling Pests Video

Bugvibes™ on Roses with Japanese Beetles Video

    • 4823
    • BugVibes™ Japanese Beetle Deterrent
    • $69.99
    • Out of Stock