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    • Blackberry Ouachita - 1 Plant per offer
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Blackberry Ouachita

These berries don't need support!


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Product Details

Enjoy consistent yields of medium-size berries on fully erect canes, which means that they don't need to be trained to a support. Ripens in mid to late June and fruiting extends for five weeks, giving you more time to enjoy delicious fresh fruit. Pronounced "Watch-it-taw." Highly disease resistant. No 1, 1-yr plants. Zones 5-9. U.S. Patent No. 17162.

Easiest Plants to Grow Organically!
Just look for the Living Earth Plants logo and enjoy the benefits of these exclusive varieties:
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Reduce your risk of chronic diseases
  • Unbeatable Home-grown taste
  • No Chemicals or Pesticides needed to grow

These are not GMO plants. They are just plants that have these qualities naturally.

  • Zones: 5-9
  • Height: 4 - 5 ft
  • Spacing: 4 feet apart in rows 10 feet apart
  • Depth: Same depth as they were in the nursery.
  • Spread: 4 - 5 ft
  • Sun/Shade: full sun
  • Soil Preference: Well drained, rich, moist, 5.5- 6.8 pH
  • Pollinator: self pollinating
  • Yield: One quart per plant
  • Blooms: June
  • Flowers: white
  • Comments: The Ouachita (wash-uh-taw) Blackberry is our newest large, sweet thornless blackberry bred by the University of Arkansas. It has excellent flavor and is very prolific.
    • 4316
    • Blackberry Ouachita - 1 Plant per offer
    • $9.95
    • Out of Stock