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    • BioBoost™ All-Natural Foliar Fertilizer - 8 oz
    • $14.99

BioBoost™ All-Natural Foliar Fertilizer

Activates soil organisms.

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Product Details

This exciting, all-natural product will work wonders in your garden! BioBoost has fermentation by-products and extractions, and it contains nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Its effects on plants?

  • Crop harvests are earlier and bigger. Originally developed to help get the most from field crops, BioBoost is the first in anew generation of foliar fertilizers.

  • Earthworms and other beneficial soil life proliferate. Billions of soil microorganisms feed on carbon compounds released through plant roots, in turn benefiting the plant in many ways. BioBoost accelerates this symbiotic cycle.

  • Soil tilth and moisture retention improve. Because BioBoost aids earthworm activity,new channels for air and water open in the soil. As a result, soil retains more moisture,and runoff and erosion are reduced.

Plants also require less nitrogen fertilizer. Used with Gardens Alive!® fertilizers, BioBoost will maximize your garden's productivity. In fact, Gardens Alive! recommends BioBoost over Kelp Meal and Liquid Kelp Spray. Two teaspoons cover 1,000 sq. ft. of garden soil or plant foliage.

More About BioBoost...

Use BioBoost on vegetable gardens, flower borders, lawns, trees and shrubs and even houseplants. Spray BioBoost on plant foliage, on the soil surface, or both. BioBoost helps microbes produce a substance that improves soil structure, so it is especially useful in heavily cultivated soil or barren soils on new construction sites.

Apply BioBoost at planting time and at first bloom (or mid season for non-flowering crops). Mix the highly concentrated liquid with water and use it sparingly at a rate of 2 teaspoons of concentrate per 1,000 sq. ft. (The dilution rate is not important as long as application rate is correct.) Dip bulbs, seeds and bare root plant roots in a 5% solution (1 oz. per 2 1/2 cups of water) before planting. For houseplants, use a 1% solution (1 oz. per 3 qts.) every few weeks. For convenience, you can mix BioBoost with a solution of insecticides or liquid fertilizers.

    • 1509
    • BioBoost™ All-Natural Foliar Fertilizer - 8 oz
    • $14.99