Apple Maggot Solutions

Apple Maggots and How to Get Rid of Them

What are Apple Maggots?

Apple maggots overwinter as pupae in the top 2-3" of soil. The adult flies, which are slightly smaller than a common housefly, emerge from early June to early September. Adult females do not lay eggs for the first 8-10 days after they emerge. Then they wander over apples, crabapples, plums and other crops, inserting eggs into fruit. White and yellow larvae, 1/4 to 3/8" long, hatch under the skin and tunnel throughout Damage is almost impossible to cut out.

Apple Maggot

Stop Apple Maggots with Ladd Apple Maggot Fly Trap & Lure

Sticky traps with powerful lures are the best on the market!


This unique trap combines a traditional red sphere with a yellow, rectangular (8" x 11") trap to provide a much larger surface area to catch destructive Apple Maggot Flies. In field tests, the Ladd Trap & Lure caught more than four times as many adult maggot flies on average as typical red sticky spheres baited with a lure. To use, coat both the red sphere and yellow rectangle with Tangle-Trap (sold separately), then apply the lure to the sticky yellow surface. After petal fall, hang one trap with lure on each dwarf or semi-dwarf apple, pear or plum tree; six traps with lures on each standard tree. Replace lures every 3-4 weeks. Reuse traps year after year.

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