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    • Alive! Soil Activator - 1 lb (covers 300 sq ft)
    • $9.99

Alive! Soil Activator

All-natural formula restores soil health; maximizes plant growth

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Product Details

Alive!™ revitalizes poor soil by providing the beneficial bacteria and fungi necessary for maximum plant growth. A combination of beneficial microbes and naturally derived nutrients, Alive! is ideal for jump-starting poor soil in existing gardens and container plantings, as well as new garden beds and the barren soil surrounding new construction.

This all-natural formula:

  • helps re-establish the natural level of beneficial bacteria and fungi in your soil. Soil biodiversity is key to creating a healthy root zone environment.

  • helps increase plant growth. The microbes in Alive! help plants take up and convert nutrients in the soil. This ensures maximum growth of flowers, vegetables, fruits, ornamental shrubs and trees—no matter how poor your soil.

  • works hand in hand with organic fertilizers, which rely on microbes to breakdown nutrients for maximum absorption.

  • helps plants fight disease. The microbes in Alive! help plants fight off the invading microorganisms that cause disease. Healthy, disease-free plants grow vigorously and produce abundantly.

  • improves soil structure and minimizes the leaching of plant nutrients.

More About Alive!

Healthy soil is naturally rich in the bacteria and fungi that plants need to grow, produce and fight off disease. Over time, however, pesticides and excessive tilling can deplete these beneficial microbes, causing plants to suffer. Alive! Replenishes your soil's native inhabitants to improves the growth and health of vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, shrubs and container planting.

Alive!'s specially formulated mixture also contains nutrients that help the beneficial microbes survive until they become self-sufficient in your soil. Derived from all-natural ingredients such as alfalfa, kelp and crab meal, these nutrients boost plant growth, too.

Alive! for Soil…Alive! for Plants!

We all know the importance of quality, life-filled soil for the growth of our plants. With Alive! you benefit your plants by enhancing your soil. A win win for both!

Alive! is in easy-to-use powder form. Apply 1lb. per 300 sq. ft. to vegetable and flower beds before planting or while plants are growing. Incorporate into the soil and moisten to active the beneficial microbes. For houseplants and outdoor container plantings, mix in 1 teaspoon per 4- to 6-inch pot; use 1-2 teaspoons for larger container planting. Moisten soil and add plants.

    • 2612
    • Alive! Soil Activator - 1 lb (covers 300 sq ft)
    • $9.99