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 -  Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Good value. Healthy plant.
Reviewed By: Robin (yakima, wa)
My bush is doing great this Spring. It is leafing out nicely and looks strong and healthy. The stem is thick considering how small it was when it arrived. My family is very pleased with this purchase. As I said customer service was very helpful with this purchase. It was small when it arrived but that means it can be sold at a lower price.
 -  Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Hearty plants in Denver
Reviewed By: Andrew (Denver, CO)
Do not be discouraged by the small size Gurney's ships, my first one survived the first year and grew to be a large bush the second and produced some in the fall, it produced very heavy the entire third year and I have wild ones now growing (and producing, completely neglected). The main down side is that hornets love them too. If you have never had the berries, they are a little like cranberries only sweeter. If you like sweetened dried cranberries I would think you would like these.
 -  Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Little twigs that never grew
Reviewed By: Amy (Zirconia, NC)
I received my two goji berry plants and was surprised at the 5-inch size. I changed my original plan of planting them in the earth, for fear they would be overlooked. I carefully set them in pots next to my greenhouse where I kept them watered. They turned green, then died on me. I'm looking for other sources to buy from. These plants were just too small.
 -  Monday, September 26, 2011
Very Hardy.
Reviewed By: Robin McClary (Yakima, WA)
I want to thank the company for excellent customer service. I ordered a goji in the Spring. When it arrived the tips were damaged and the leaves parched. I wrote to customer service. They sent me a new one which arrived day before yesterday. It is healthy with no broken tips and very green leaves. I look forward to some berries in a year or two. The small size of the young plants seems reasonable to me because it must be shipped for an affordable price. Thank you to Customer Service!
 -  Friday, July 08, 2011
Post Office nearly killed it
Reviewed By: June (Rock Hill, SC)
The Post Office left package on deck in boiling hot 98 degree temp and it was nearly cooked. I planted in a pot and put in a location that would get afternoon shade. I thought it was dead, but after several weeks, it started to put out and now, about 2 months later, is about 6" tall and looking healthy.