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 -  Monday, October 11, 2010
Can't pick them all!
Reviewed By: L. Siebert (Lebanon, IL)
Bought and planted three plants. The first year I got a handful of berries. The second year we got 12 cups every other day. This year I stopped weighing them when I reached 165lbs. My neighbors took over and got another 20lbs or so. Jam, Syrup, Wine I'm running out of things to make with them. Works out well on chain link fence. Canes grow 20 and 30 feet.
 -  Tuesday, August 05, 2008
Reviewed By: Sam (Marion, Ohio)
they are the best berries in the world
 -  Saturday, August 23, 2008
You must try these
Reviewed By: Valerie (Baltimore, Maryland)
I have grown these for 4 years now. The plants are highly disease resistant and produce huge berries. This year, I picked about 20+ pounds of berries. They will need a strong fence for support. Just prune to about 4 feet before Winter, feed in the Spring and early Summer, and wait for wonderful berries in August.
 -  Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Prolific producer
Reviewed By: Glenn (Marine City, MI)
The first 2 years I had a very low yeild. Now my 3 plants are 3 years old and this year I have been getting around handful to a pint a day of very large semi-sweet-tart berries for about a month now. I've gotten more thna I can eat. Great plant, have patients.